What I Listen To While I Run

What I Listen To While I Run!

I’ve been working on adding back the miles and getting my legs used to fatigue and recovery. My goal for this month is to build endurance and to get in a few days of spin AND run so my legs can get used to that “spent” feeling that I experience at the end of races. By being comfortable with the uncomfortable, progress gets easier!

What I Listen To While I Run

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That being said, longer runs mean more time with myself. When I have my husband join me, we tend to chit chat about our days or the news. Although this usually turns into me telling him about some scientific discovery as he pretends to be interested. What do I listen to when I run by myself?

What I Listen To On Easy Runs: Podcasts

Sometimes “easy” runs are hard because I tend to pick up the pace as I go on. Steady paces can sometimes be mentally challenging. A trick that helps to keep me in a steady cardio state is to listen to podcasts! By focusing on each speaker, I tend to stay away from faster tempos.

What I Listen To While I Run
My top three podcasts!

My podcasts vary from super insightful to the scientific. Anything that keeps me engaged from start to finish is a major one for me. Especially on easy runs since it can be a battle to stay within a pace range for a longer amount of time.

What I Listen To For Speed Work: Fast Tempo Music

When it comes to picking up the speed, I tend to pick faster music as well. I’m a HUGE EDM/Dance fan so I tend to favor that most of the time. This gives me longer songs which help me push for longer periods of time. I find that these tend to wake me up and put me in the right headspace for this type of workout too! I update this playlist quite often but I figure I’d add it so you guys see what gets me pumped up. Feel free to suggest some of your favorites too!

Do you listen to music while you run? What are some of your favorites?

8 thoughts on “What I Listen To While I Run!”

  1. These are great recommendations. I usually save podcasts for my commute. I usually pick a radio station on Google Play like Andy Mineo, Social Club or Lecrae when I workout. I like how they mix up the songs and artists. Keeps me motivated.

    1. My commute is fairly short so I don’t get to finish most podcasts if I do that. I’m going to have to check out the radio stations on Google Play!

  2. You know how much I love music when I run! My music tends to be more loud and fast–my CrossFit coach called it “angry music”! LOL! Whatever gets us to finish line, right?

    1. Aww, I’m sorry! Life has been so crazy for me and 2018 is off to a wild start. Hoping to get back in the groove and post more often!

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