My Weekly Meal Plan

Raise your hand is you’re hungry all the time! That’s definitely me. I think it’s because of all the activity I do but I’m always up for a snack. When Jordan and I first got married, we used to buy in bulk and tried to get the cheapest grocery bill possible. Now, we still like to stay within a certain price range but we are eating better. Jordan and I are still working on proper portions but I’m glad with the process we’ve made.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Recently, I’ve made the switch to loosely tracking macros. Basically, I’ve calculated the grams of carbs, fat, and protein that I should be consuming for the amount of activity I’m currently doing. I still enjoy myself from time to time and don’t beat myself up if I “go over” my numbers. All I’m really worried about is eating enough so I don’t put too much pressure on my body. I plan on continuing to track macros until my race in October.

How We Meal Plan

Every week, Jordan and I sit down and make a meal plan. I write down ALL my meals and snacks for the day and he does the same. We use this to create our grocery list so we buy what we need. Not only does this keep our waste down but it also reduces the temptation to buy junk food or sweets while at the grocery store.

We also take into consideration what our schedule is like. Certain days I will run in the morning and strength train in the evenings. These days I’ll eat a little more to make sure I still have enough energy in the evenings. It’s usually not a lot more than a small snack. Some weekends we are busier than others so we opt to eat out instead. We still like to stick to healthier meals or opt to share an entree.

Here’s an example of what a week has been for us lately. Jordan has his own snacks but he keeps every thing portioned controlled as well. Obviously if we are hungrier than usual, we will add veggies and fruits throughout the day.

My Weekly Meal Plan
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We grocery shop on Friday nights and meal prep on Sundays. I try to cook some proteins ahead of time to make weeknight dinners a breeze. On days where I got to the gym in the evenings, Jordan will start dinner for me. It’s a team effort but we’ve got a routine down!

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    1. It’s taken some time to get to this place lol. I used to be a hot mess and wouldn’t eat enough throughout the day. Which meant I got hangry and that’s no fun!

    1. It really does! Especially since the weekend is when we tend to fall off track meal planning really helps us stick to our goals.

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