The Weekend In Pictures: Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving and spent it eating delicious food with loved ones! My break was lovely and I couldn’t be happier with it. It was definitely hard to get out of bed this morning and make my trek to work.

I did a Turkey Burn class on Thanksgiving morning to start my day off right. Snowflake wanted to get in the picture too!

Not many pictures from Thursday but Jordan and I drove to visit my mom on Friday.
My mom got a new dog named Tyson!
My mom’s neighbors had cows and horses roaming around and Tyson loved watching them.
Tyson was incredibly sweet and did so well on the leash!
Jordan and I followed our Saturday after Thanksgiving tradition and went to the Autoshow!
Of course I forgot to take pictures of any cars but I got a picture of a smoothie we shared while looking through the swap meet!
We set up our little Christmas tree and some decorations around the house.
While waiting for the A&M game to start that evening, we got sucked into the Auburn and Alabama game. So good!
Sunday morning was our usual lazy breakfast and church. After church, I made pork chops for lunch.
While the pork chops were in the oven, I chopped veggies for the week.
Lunch was pork chop with veggies! We ate off paper plates because I was over all the dirty dishes lol.
I ate half of this as a mid-afternoon treat.
Closed out my weekend with a live DJ ride in my camo leggings!

It was so nice to visit my mom and enjoy the cooler weather out in the country. Jordan and I came home with so many tamales so I think we’re set until Christmas. I hope you had a blast this weekend and your Monday is off to a good start!

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