The Weekend In Pictures: Christmas!

What a weekend! I was one of the unlucky few that had to work Friday but I was able to leave at noon and get my holiday started early! This year, Jordan and I would spend Christmas at home. We celebrated with our respective families earlier in the month so we got to spend time together and start our own little traditions.

Jordan and I met up for lunch on Friday and ate Chuy’s before watching The Last Jedi
We had some blueberry muffins while we played trivia with our Google Home that evening.
After sleeping in on Saturday, I changed into my legging on hopped on the bike!
I love riding with Jess King on Saturday mornings!
I can usually get around ten miles in during a 45 minute class.
The evening Jordan and I ate Chinese food before checking out some Christmas lights. The girl had to teach me how to unfold the box.
Each box came with veggies, rice, meat, eggroll, and fortune cookie!
I didn’t finish all of mine so I brought it home in a tiny box. The Rice Box is tasty if you’re in the Houston Heights area!
I loved that even the roads had festive lighting!
Jordan and I brought a loaf of bread to feed the ducks at the park on Sunday.
The ducks followed us around for a while.
The geese showed up so we had to cut it short. These guys can get mean, lol.
Some ducks come right up to you and will eat right out of your hand!
We warmed up with breakfast and Law and Order before church.
After a nice church sermon, Jordan and I went to Pluckers for lunch and to watch the Chiefs game.
I convinced Jordan to get dessert since we were watching the game and our waiter was very accommodating.
Christmas morning was started with some donuts!
I burned off the donuts with a quick spin class.
I love seeing how hard I work and what my heart rate is during the workout.
Jordan set up a little scavenger hunt and had me find a beautiful arrangement he made me!
Jordan and I went to a Christmas buffet at Moody Gardens for lunch!
I also convinced Jordan to walk through the Rainforest Pyramid.
I really wanted to see the sloths and I was glad to see that one was moving around the pyramid!
It was also neat to see the tropical birds.
We went through the pyramid twice and these birds hardly moved from their branch.
We couldn’t pass up a selfie moment!
We ended the evening by watching football while waiting for our tamales to cook!

Jordan and I had a great Christmas and it was sure hard getting out of bed this morning. It looks like the cool weather may be here to stay for a bit so I’m hoping to get outside for a few runs this week.

Hope you had a great Christmas and time with your family!

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