The Weekend With The Road Trip!

What a weekend it was! However, with the week I’ve had, it felt like I would never get a break. I didn’t post this Friday because my week was completely out of wack. My office at work was flooded so I had nowhere to work. It was absolutely nerve-racking to deal with it each day at work so I was mentally exhausted.


Before this hurricane mess started, Jordan and I had a trip to Austin planned. I am partnering with Buddha’s Brew for a blog post later this month so I needed to pick up a few things.

Jordan and I got up early and hit the road. After stopping at Chick Fil A for breakfast of course! Austin is only a three hour drive from us and with Jordan behind the wheel, it isn’t so bad.

There was a new Bucc-ee’s that opened in Katy so of course we made a pit stop. Bucc-ee’s is a chain of travel stops all over Texas. They have the CLEANEST bathrooms you will ever see and so much food. If I’m traveling by myself, that’s where I stop because it is always well lit and safe.

Besides my giant bottle of water, I picked up this tea to try. It was just the right amount of sweetness! With the sunshine and our driving playlist, this tea was the cherry on top!

Jordan and I arrived in Austin mid morning. We stopped by the Barton Creek Farmers Market and picked up the goodies! I will definitely have drinks for days. The farmers market was super cute. There were so many neat vendors and goodies to try. The weather was perfect for a stroll.

After the Farmer’s Market, we went for a walk in the mall nearby. My favorite pair of leggings finally tore this past week so I needed some new ones. They were years old and my thighs rub so it was only a matter of time.

We stopped at Lululemon and I tried on some pants. I grabbed a size 10 legging and the sales girl practically scoffed at me when I came out of the dressing room. I had a few questions about the fit and she was like “Girl, those are way too big” She practically pulled a handful of fabric off me.

Jordan started laughing from his corner and she handed me the size 6. The size 6 fit like a glove! She explained how leggings were supposed to fit and my mind was blown. I think I still see myself as bigger than I am so I still reach for bigger sizes. Losing weight is such a mental thing too.

Once we finished shopping, Jordan and I were ready for lunch! Since we were in Austin, we had to have some local food. We stopped at Gordough’s which basically uses donuts instead of buns in all their dishes.

I had the Phat Club and it was delicious! I love donuts so it would have been hard to let me down. Jordan wasn’t too sure about it but once he saw his burger, he was happy. His burger looked so good but I forgot to take a picture!

After lunch, we made the drive back to Houston. The weather was so nice and I wanted to get some miles in so we went off for a sunset run. It was only 5.5 miles but it was great. This weather is like heaven to runners.

We ended the night with some Texas Aggie football!


Jordan and I were so tired that we just slept in. Church was absolutely amazing. I may be such a bleeding heart but I feel so guilty after the hurricane since we had no damage. Seeing so many houses with damage and their belongings on the curbs is so heartbreaking. Honestly, sometimes all I can do cry. Church is one place where I don’t feel like a weirdo if I just burst into tears. I’s amazing to see everyone helping as much as they can.

After church, Jordan and I went to Chuy’s for lunch with my father in law. Once we got home and after we played with Snowflake, we began to deep clean the house. When I have pent up anxiety, it helps to clean. Jordan was such a good sport and helped by vacuuming.

We finished up the day with football! I’m so glad football is back. This cooler weather is great to so I hope it sticks around.

How was your weekend? Have you been enjoying fall weather where you live?

12 thoughts on “The Weekend With The Road Trip!”

    1. Isn’t it? Bucc-ee’s has billboards as you get close to their travel stops and 90% of them are some sort of potty joke lol. They ARE known for their super clean bathrooms, lol.

  1. Sounds so fun! Love Bucees! Hahaha! And girl, you grabbed a size 10 and ended up with a 6?! Killing the game!!!! Seriously, you’re an inspiration!!! And I’m totally with you — hoping and praying the cooler weather sticks around! 😀

    1. Bucc-ee’s is the best! And I was definitely shocked when she came back with the 6. The hard work has paid off! Cool weather and football, how can you go wrong?

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