The Weekend With The Goats!

My weekend started with a pretty relaxing Friday. My day consisted of driving around the city so of course I couldn’t resist a stop for coffee! I stopped at a coffee shop called Tout Suite. It had such a cute vibe and I definitely want to go back soon!


Jordan and I woke up early for my six mile run. I’m so thankful for a husband who is so willing to go with me on these training runs. I have been doing high intensity workouts this week so while I finished the run, my muscles were aching by the end of it!

Jordan and I had breakfast and washed up before heading off to our next adventure! A while back, we tried compression therapy and cryotherapy. Jordan loved it and I knew my legs needed it after all the hard work I’ve put in.

After that and a few errands, Jordan and I had some flatbread pizzas. They were quick and easy to make. We are trying new recipes and working on eating our veggies every day. Jordan has to watch his carb intake so we have also been trying healthy substitutions!

After a wonderful two hour nap, I had to get ready for Goat Yoga! I found out about this event on Facebook and I signed up shortly before it sold out. Any chance to play with animals sounds like a blast to me!

The class was held outdoors and under the shade of trees. It was still hot but it wasn’t too bad. Unknowingly, I picked a spot near a tree that the goats liked to eat. As soon as they came out, I was surrounded!

Throughout the class, the goats would wander around. They nibbled on my hair when I was in downward dog. Luckily, a quick poke got them off of me. There were handlers helping the yoga teacher and they placed the goats on us during tabletop pose!

The goats were so adorable and the class was such a blast. It was very beginner friendly and plenty of time for pictures!

After yoga, I picked up some frozen yogurt as an afternoon treat! A new place just opened up by our house and I had been wanting to try it!


After a very eventful Saturday, I slept in and was so happy I did! We went to church and enjoyed an amazing lunch afterwards!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing our normal laundry and meal prep.

There’s nothing like starting off the week on the right foot!

How was your weekend? Have you ever done goat yoga before?

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