The Weekend of Rest

I was so glad when I looked at my training schedule and saw that this past week was a recovery week. Recovery Week meant shorter runs. That also meant my Saturday was pretty relaxing!


I started my weekend with a run. It was supposed to be a six mile run but I may have pushed myself a bit too much on Thursday. My legs were still sore on Saturday so I settled for a three mile run.

After my run, I figured I would FINALLY wash my dang car. Y’all it has been a hot minute since my poor car has been washed. Since I was sweaty from my run, I really didn’t have an excuse, haha!

The rest of the morning was pretty boring to be honest. However, it was great! Jordan and I really want to watch the new Kinsman movie that comes out this week. So after breakfast, Jordan and I picked up the first movie from our library’s rental service.

Once lunchtime came around, we figured we should clean up and run some errands.

After we finished our errands, we stopped for some Chinese food. I ate way too much Veggie Fried Rice (like always) but it was so good! I’m working on leaning out this next week so I was definitely eating all the carbs this weekend, haha!

I played around with my cute purse and tumbler I bought on Friday. After dinner, Jordan and I strolled around the mall. I needed a small wristlet or wallet for the Tone It Up tour this week. When I saw this pink purse, I just had to have it!


Our Sunday was the usual routine. Church lately has been so amazing. My eyes begin to water when I think of all the volunteer efforts and great things they have done for those affected by the hurricane. They shared that they had prepared around 80,000 hot meals for the community since the Monday after the storm hit. How amazing is that?!

In keeping with eating all the carbs, we stopped for lunch at Mod pizza! Their pizzas are so delicious and I love to try different toppings. We also walked over to Menche’s, the new frozen yogurt place, after lunch for a sweat treat.

Sunday’s are for football and we sure watched a bit! We are big Kansas City Chiefs fans so we really enjoyed the win. It was close but a great game! Jordan and I also caught the Cowboys and Broncos game even with the weather delay. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was young (adopted in the Chiefs family when I married Jordan) but I love Von Miller so it’s tough! He’s an Aggie and while he can be pretty eccentric, he’s a smart guy!

While the Cowboys and Broncos game was on weather delay, I did my meal prep for the week. Since I’ll be volunteering for the Tone It Up tour, I want to look toned. My diet will be clean and limited salt as the week goes on. It isn’t restrictive and since it is only for the week, I’m pretty excited for it!

Did you catch any football games this weekend?

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