The Weekend In Pictures!

Coming in a little later than normal this week! I had a busy weekend but it was full of so much fun. Jordan is out of town this week so I had to soak up the whole weekend with him. I figured I would share a sentence per picture to share what we did!

We started off Saturday morning with our usual run/bike.

Nothing like a delicious breakfast and coffee post run!
I picked these up at Target and I love drinking them throughout the day. Grabbed this one before Halloween shopping.
Before we left the house I put these chicken tenders in the crockpot for lunch!
We decorated our yard Saturday afternoon!
We had a concert on Sunday but we still cheered for the Chiefs!
Quick meal prep after church!
Jordan and I on the way to the Andy Mineo concert Sunday night.
While in line outside the venue, I bought a popsicle to eat while we waited.
I stood in the back during Social Club Misfits.
Made my way up front for Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed!


Well, that’s my weekend in pictures! I have another eventful weekend coming up too so I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures.

How was your weekend?!

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