The Weekend In Pictures!

I’ve got to say that even though I feel a bit under the weather today, I had a GREAT weekend! Christmas basically happened in at our house this weekend so Jordan and I have a lot of goodies to play with.

I won BIG at my work Christmas party this year!
On Saturday morning, Jordan and I took our cars to get oil changes and have our tires looked at.
Turns out I needed new tires so we had to wait a bit!
I made Jordan take a selfie with me of course.
Once we got home, the mailman arrived with my new watch!
I took a quick spin class to test out my watch and work up some sweat.
Jordan and I shared some snacks while we watched an episode of Law and Order on our new TV!
We watched the Kansas City Chiefs game with my in-laws while we ate candy and opened Christmas presents!
All I really wanted was some frying pans and the Google Home Mini so I was set.
My throat was hurting a bit so my father-in-law made me some hot chocolate.
Sunday morning I powered through a short run but my throat felt scratchy and my nose was stuffed up. We had breakfast and I was so thankful for a hot coffee.
We watched the church service from home but met Jordan’s parents for lunch. We saw Santa on the way!
It took a lot of will power to wait to eat this cookie.
Warm panini and tomato soup sure hit the spot!
Jordan’s parent’s got Snowflake a new bed and some toys. She was a happy pup!
I used our Air Fryer to make Buffalo Chicken Tenders for Jordan…
And a buffalo chicken “salad” for me!

Jordan and I had such a fun weekend spending time with each other and playing with our new goodies. Our TV is a huge upgrade and we’ve had fun playing with our Google Home. I’m hoping that this sore throat goes away soon because it’s not very comfortable.

Christmas is coming up! Are you ready?

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