The Weekend In Pictures!

Jordan had to work Saturday morning so it meant that I turned into the Energizer Bunny and knocked out some house chores. The whole house was vacuumed while I washed ALL our bedding. Y’all, I slept so good on Saturday night because I was WIPED out!

I stripped the bed and even washed the mattress protector.

When I finished vacuuming I took Snowflake on a walk and jog around our neighborhood. She was WORN out.
I put the last load in the dryer and hopped on my bike to take a live spin class mid-morning.
I wore workout clothes while I was cleaning so I didn’t have an excuse NOT to do the class lol.
After I showered, I “made” our bed with all the clean bedding!
Jordan got home and we relaxed all afternoon. We ended up going to Chuy’s for dinner!
I LOVE their stacked enchiladas! I seriously can’t get enough. This picture doesn’t do them justice.
Sunday morning with our usual breakfast and Law & Order. It’s not the “healthiest” but I really love our mornings like this.
Jordan and I made some cookie brownie bars. They were SO good!
Rocking my Andy Mineo shirt for a quick grocery store run in the afternoon.
We bought a gingerbread house kit because I’ve never made one before!
We laughed and goofed off way too much while making this. It doesn’t look like the box one bit but it was so fun!
No one tells you to put some of the icing on BEFORE you start to build the house lol.

Jordan and I had a blast this weekend and we cannot wait for this week! It’s both of our birthdays this week and a cool front is supposed to come through Houston just in time! I hope you had a fun weekend and have a week full of fun!

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