The Weekend In Pictures!

Well, the chilly weather didn’t last too long in Houston. The sun came out over the weekend and we are back to highs in the 60s this week. As someone who LOVES the cold, I’m a bit sad. However, I’m glad those up in the north are thawing out!

I started Saturday off with a run. It was still cool enough for pants so I was pretty happy.
It’s the first time Jordan rode his bike with me this year so it was nice to chat with him. And he’s my photographer too lol.
During our run/bike, Jordan and I went back and forth on what to have for breakfast. We decided our favorite brunch place!
I got an egg white scramble with chicken and Jordan got Chicken Biscuits and Gravy.
We stopped by for some groceries and I still have some energy to burn so I hopped on the bike!
I’m so thankful for my Peloton bike because it allows me to get my legs moving even if my runs don’t turn out how I want them to.
Jordan and I ate lunch and got ready for the Chiefs game! I had too much fun with the Instagram stickers lol
After a rough game, I started part of my meal prep and made Beef Enchiladas for dinner!
Would it be a weekend recap without Law and Order?
On Sunday morning, Jordan and I went for a power walk at the park. It was probably not cold enough for pants but I powered through.
After church and lunch, I came home and got ready for the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge.
With some of Jordan’s help, I finished up meal prep for the week!
And of course watched an episode of Law and Order while the laundry was finishing up!

This week is a fun one for me! I start the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge. It is a six week challenge to eat better and wholesome foods along with getting moving each day. I love trying out new recipes and adding new things into my workout routine. It’s very easy to follow and it’s free! Head on over to learn more and give it a try!

How was your weekend? Any plans for the week?

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