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Benefits of Yoga for Runners

When I started marathon training, my body started to tell me “NO!”. I began to feel aches, pains, and soreness I had never experience before. This was due to more frequent and longer exercises. I was pushing my body farther but I wasn’t caring for it as I should have. When I was forced to slow down, I opted for yoga as a mental release. Little did I know that there are some benefits of yoga for runners!

yoga run
Love my yoga mat from FlowMats

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How To Get Fit Without Getting Bored

So getting started on your fitness journey is definitely a challenge but sometimes once you get going, you can get in a slump. Not only does your body get accustomed to your workouts but you aren’t mentally engaged and aren’t making progress.

At the beginning of this year, I started incorporating different types of workouts. I will forever enjoy running but I was starting to get burned out. I began following the Tone It Up community and began to fit in High Intensity Interval Training into my workout schedule. The fast paced full body workouts were a major shock to my body. Yes I was sore and some days were HARD but I began to notice muscle definition. Continue reading How To Get Fit Without Getting Bored