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Half Marathon Training Recap

I still can’t believe it’s September! There’s Pumpkin flavored everything now. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a morning coffee earlier this week and they already had their fall specials. One thing I am looking forward to is cooler weather. This summer has been a bit of a rough one for me in terms of running but it’s going better now.

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Fitness YouTube Channels

Raise your hand if the last thing you want to do after a crazy day of work is go to the gym. I feel you! Some mornings, I don’t want to get out of bed and get ready with all 54865468 things I need for my run. That’s why it’s so awesome that there’s so many fitness YouTube channels that help you get your heart pumping!

Y’all, YouTube is my jam! Seriously, I’ve looked up make up tutorials (because I still don’t get it), learned to fix my sink, and found great workout programs just by browsing YouTube! If there’s something you need, there’s a channel for it. I figured I would share some of my favorite fitness channels to help you get moving, no matter where you are! Continue reading Fitness YouTube Channels