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3 Tips To Walk More Throughout Your Day

Raise your hand if you have a Fitbit or pedometer of some sort! I have recently switched over to a Garmin that tracks my daily steps but I was an OG Fitbit user. I had many of the models and I LOVED them. As someone who has had sedentary jobs all their life, it’s a huge eye opener to realize we don’t walk enough on a daily basis.

As weird as it sounds, my love obsession with running started with walking. Jordan and I both had Fitbit and we saw how little we walked. It was super embarrassing. We began to walk for miles around our neighborhood. Not only was it nice to catch up and spend time together but we realized that it made us feel better. After doing this for a few weeks, both of us began to notice some weight loss.

Whenever people ask me about starting a workout regimen, I always suggest walking. It’s super easy, beneficial, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Even if you already have a fitness regiment, walking throughout your day is a huge benefit.

Walking Tip #1: Park Far Away/Window Shop

If you have to go to the store, park a bit away from the entrance. I really don’t mind the extra steps because I know that it’s good for me. Obviously this won’t be THAT big of a change but it will change your mindset.

Sometimes Jordan and I will head to the mall and park at one end and walk to the other. Our closet mall is massive so if we do the complete mall, it’s about a mile or so. During those hot Texas summers, walking indoors is perfect. Seriously mall walkers are on to something. It’s a great way to walk around and not get bored.

Walking Tip #2: Walk Your Pooch!

Having a dog is a great reminder for a walk. Even though we have a big enough yard for Snowflake to run around in, I still like to take her around the neighborhood. We go for about three or four walks weekly with her. Depending on your dog, you may opt for a morning and afternoon walk. This way you both get your exercise and you have an accountability partner!

Walking Tip #3: Walk and Talk

Are you on the phone a lot for work? Do you call your family to catch up? Why not go for a walk at the same time?! I know that answering emails can take some time so sometimes I’ll go for a walk while I check in. You can still get your job done while getting some extra steps in. My husband calls his family while walking around the house. It doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up!

What are some of your tips to get some extra steps?

Finding Your Morning Routine

Last week, I shared a bit about how to work your way into becoming a morning person. It’s small, intentional steps that will eventually get you there. Now that you’re up early, what do you do? I touched upon it a bit but I truly believe that setting a morning routine will make you much more productive throughout the day!

My morning routine changes a bit depending on what day of the week it is. However, I make sure that it’s consistent and that works for me. My biggest tip is to have a plan! You don’t want to wake up in the morning trying to figure out what to do. Having structure helps to get you moving in the right direction.

Since my morning routine involves working out, I make sure to have everything ready the night before. If I’m driving somewhere, I make sure everything is set so I just have to head out the door. Be specific about your morning and plan ahead!

What makes you happy? Is there something you wish you could do every day? This could simply be five minutes of quiet time for yourself before you get started with your busy day. Include this into your morning routine. Brew a cup of coffee and just enjoy it in a cozy chair. Bonus points if you do it without a phone or tablet!

It seems like everything is connected to the internet now a days. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I do believe that starting the day off without instantly picking up your phone is best. You wake up peacefully and enjoy yourself before catching up on emails and social media. This puts you in a better place mentally and you will begin to see a shift in your attitude.

Another great thing to add to your morning routine is meditation or prayer time. Starting my day on a positive note and with a heart full of gratitude has really changed my outlook. Having time to wake up and really be thankful for what I have helps me be mindful of others throughout the day. It might feel weird at first but start small and you’ll soon find that you can’t start your day without it.

My most important tip is to make your morning routine fulfilling. Carve this time out just for you. Do whatever you need to do so you can have a success day. Focus on what brings you joy. Whenever we fill our own cup, we are able to give to others.

What is part of your morning routine?

Wild About Buddha’s Brew Kombucha!

I know we are technically a week into fall but y’all, Texas doesn’t really do seasons! It’s been pretty mild here the past few weeks so I’m basically treating this as Summer: The Sequel. In that train of thought, there’s nothing more I love on a warm day than relaxing and enjoying a delicious bottle of kombucha!

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Take a Minute With Soulful Essence

Have you ever had a day where nothing seems to go right? You feel like everything is falling apart and your mind can’t seem to make sense of it all? That feeling is more common than you think! Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a young professional, stress has a way of creeping into our lives. I’m sure the concept of self-care is nothing new as it seems to be the buzzword as of lately. However, taking a minute for yourself can be much easier than you realized!

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What If You Don’t Want To Workout?

This week has been weird for me. The rainy weather has been ruining my plans and with my father-in-law in the hospital, I’ve been a big ball of blah. In situations like this, I like to surround myself with people and activities that make me happy and keep my anxiety levels at bay. Lately, this has been easier said than done.

Monday morning was supposed to be an easy run around the neighborhood. No time or distance limit, just listen to my music and run. Normally, running makes me feel so dang happy and my heart is practically bursting with joy. But Monday? Running was the last thing I wanted to do. Since I was already wide awake (and I had to wash my hair anyways), I opted to stretch and do yoga. I even challenged myself to close my eyes during the whole video and just take vocal cues.

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My Favorite Meditation App!

With everything we have going on nowadays and a billion commitments to tend to, how do you find time to relax? If you’re anything like most people, your time to relax usually involves some form of technology: scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or mindlessly watching TV. While I do believe these can be a way to unwind, I found meditation takes it to another level.  Continue reading My Favorite Meditation App!