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The Weekend With The Snacks!

This past week has been a rough one in our household. My old hip injury decided to act up and my shoulder was not happy with me. Jordan suffered from side effects from his new medication most of the week as well. It’s safe to say, the weekend couldn’t come fast enough!


I went to physical therapy during the week and I had been cleared to resume activity once I felt the pain and inflammation was gone. We woke on Saturday and chose plan B since I didn’t want to risk jumping in too soon. Jordan and I went for a walk at the trails and enjoyed the cooler weather!

After our walk, we stopped in to Chick Fil A for some breakfast. It is always amazing to see how busy it gets mid-morning. Once we finished up breakfast, we stopped for groceries. Normally we get groceries on Friday nights to avoid crowds but we weren’t feeling up to it on Friday.

We cleaned up and watched some of our shows on Hulu. We realized that the season we were watching was the last one of the show. Luckily, we found out before we got to the last episode so we could emotionally prepare ourselves.

After this, Jordan and I went on a drive and went to Sprouts. I had a few coupons for snacks and I knew I could find them at Sprouts. It is a bit of a drive but they also have so many dairy free products so I stocked up on a few as well. I want to continue to limit dairy since my body is responding well to it!


Y’all, I was so excited to sleep in on Sunday. Of course, my body wasn’t having any of it and I woke up before six. I decided to get out of bed and get started on meal prep. I had also planned to make pot roast for dinner so I threw everything in the crockpot.

Meal prep and breakfast was done by seven. Even though I was slightly annoyed that I was up so early, I was glad to have my afternoon free to relax!

After church, we had lunch at Panera with my in-laws. I have been a bit lax and eating all the comfort foods this weekend. It is hard to turn down their mac & cheese!

Once we got home, I put on my oversized sweatshirt. The weather is still in the 90s here but a girl can dream, right?

We finished our Sunday with a nap and some football. This week was my first week catching a game with Tony Romo commentating. He gets so excited and Jordan and I just crack up laughing. Gotta love football y’all!

Are you enjoying fall weather?

Labor Day Weekend!

Well, it is technically a three day weekend but I have been off for the whole thanks to Harvey.

Most local businesses are now open although there are a few still recovering. Once the roads began to clear and all the high water began to recede, I began to venture out to help.

I donated to multiple charities and went to a bunch of donation only classes to get moving while doing some good. By Saturday, I was tired but happy. Continue reading Labor Day Weekend!

The Weekend To Recover

Well, it’s been a while since I stopped by! Unfortunately, Jordan’s grandmother passed away last weekend so we were swept up in everything. We spent most of the week in Kansas to pay our respects. His grandmother was a great woman and was well loved by everyone. She welcomed me in as soon as she met me and always took care of Jordan like she was his own child. Mrs. Bonnie Jones will be missed.

Jordan and I arrived back to Houston Thursday night. As soon as we landed, I high tailed it to the gym to get some fresh air. Traveling makes me anxious and this was a rough time so I needed a bit of familiarity to ease my nerves. Continue reading The Weekend To Recover

Trying New Things!

What a week it’s been! From heading back to Crossfit and celebrating birthdays to spin instructor try outs, it’s been a wild week!

My weekend started with celebrating one of my favorite spin instructors and friends, Riley. Parties at our spin station are always a blast! However, Friday was my fifth day of working out without any breaks so my legs were definitely trashed. Continue reading Trying New Things!