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Foods You Should Know About: Tempeh

One of my “resolutions” this year was to eat meatless one day a week. Some weeks weren’t as easy but recently I have been bitten by the cooking bug and have been trying to many protein and meat alternatives! Tempeh and tofu have become some of my go to ingredients when cooking vegetarian meals. Even if you’re not planning to become a vegetarian soon, I would give tempeh a try! Continue reading Foods You Should Know About: Tempeh

Meatless Monday!

Okay, I know it isn’t Monday but bare with me for a bit. If you’ve been on any health food websites or scrolling through Instagram, you may have seen the phase Meatless Monday. What the heck is that? Well, it’s truly what it sounds like, one day a week (Monday is just for alteration) you choose to give up meat. Some people have their personal rules and give up all animal products and go completely vegan for the day. Continue reading Meatless Monday!

Trying Out Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles

Do you eat a diet of heavy meats and veggies? Are you trying to find a way to reduce the amount of high fat and cholesterol foods you eat? Beyond Beef Crumbles are a meat alternative that is cholesterol, gluten, and soy free! These three reasons are why I decided to try out the Beyond Beef Crumbles.

Beef Meat Crumbles

Continue reading Trying Out Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles