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May StrideBox Review!

Whenever I come home to packages waiting for my in the mail, I get terribly excited! A subscription box made just for runners is definitely up my alley.

StrideBox is a subscription box that is packed with all kinds of goodies runners would enjoy. There’s nutrition bars, energy fuels, and hydration supplements in each box. This month’s box had a great mix of it all!

Health Warrior – Pumpkin Seed Bar

This bar was just what I needed on a day full of travel. I’ll admit it tasted more like something I would have closer to Thanksgiving but it was delicious. It was just the right size to hold me over to lunch!

Salt Stick – Fast Chews

This has been something I’ve been looking forward to trying. With the summer rapidly approaching, replenishing electrolytes on runs becomes for important! These tablets are chewable which makes it super quick to absorb while running.

Gu Energy Gel

This energy gel is one the most popular ones on the marker. I haven’t tried this flavor but it seems like an interesting one. Have you ever tried Gingerade flavored energy gel?

Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink

One of the reasons I really love StrideBox is because I get to try so many different electrolyte drinks. I have a sensitive stomach and it’s even worse while running. Some of these drinks didn’t set too well with me but having these sample sizes really helps me refine what works and what doesn’t!

Active Intelligence Relief and Recovery Tape

I’m sure you’ve seen runners and athletes with tape on their legs or joints. This tape not only helps with recovery but it is formulated with special ingredients to help aid in pain relief. I’m currently not injured but I’m definitely keeping this handy for any aches and pains!

Double Layer Cooling Towel

Towels like these are awesome. After a long run in the heat, it takes me forever to cool down. Soaking this towel and wringing it out, helps me cool off quickly. Fingers crossed that my husband doesn’t steal this from me!

With a myriad of awesome products for runners, why not give StrideBox a try? It’s relatively cheap and you’re guaranteed to find assailed products that can help you fuel your run. Click here to learn more!

Couch Potato Weekend!

It’s been exactly one week after my race and I’m already getting antsy. Will this feeling ever go away? I’m definitely addicted to running.
Before my race, I had been having some issues with my hip. Ultimately, I think it’s due to weakness in my muscles and IT Band tightness. I plan to spend another week without running and plenty of rehab to see how my hip is healing up. This isn’t stopping me from researching races and new training plans though! I’m super thankful that I’m working on the Tone It Up Bikini Series at the moment because it’s giving me a good mix of strength training and cardio (speed walking for me!) to keep me busy.  Continue reading Couch Potato Weekend!

Running and Trying New Foods!

Can everyone believe it’s already April? Luckily I didn’t fall for any April Fools tricks but there were some good ones I came across! Our weekend was spent running, shopping, cooking, and planning a trip to New Mexico!


Real talk, Friday was so rough. I’m still adjusting to my new role at work. It seems like I’m the only one who keeps her cool at work sometimes but that may be because guys can get so dramatic sometimes!

But for real, our date night was SO needed. We spoiled ourselves this week and had Red Robin. They redid the one we frequent and they updated their menu to include stacks of mini donuts! I just couldn’t pass it up.

Jordan makes the best faces when he’s food modeling

We had crazy storms on Wednesday that flooded most parts of town. I really wanted to try to run the trails but I knew there was a chance they were muddy. We took a drive and it wasn’t too bad!

I ran about four miles before I stepped in a puddle that turned out to be ankle deep. Soon after I felt a blister start forming so I called it quits after five miles. Even though it was short, I honestly had a BLAST running the trails. Jumping in puddles and running along the trees made my heart so happy.

Jordan and I went to see Kong: Skull Island and did some shopping at Target. Obviously we went in for one thing and came out with ten more! I got some more clothes for work and we also bought Yahtzee. I had never played so it was fun spending the evening learning and kicking butt.


We did our Sunday morning walk and tried not to get swept away by the wind. There was a new storm system moving in but we didn’t get rained on. We also saw so many baby ducks!

Jordan and I started joking around about going on our first airplane trip together about a week ago. It turns out that we have enough free miles for a trip to New Mexico! We booked a weekend trip in May to spend time on the mountains. I went briefly for work but I think I will enjoy it much more with Jordan. Super excited for it!

I did a big meal prep on Sunday since I will be crazy busy this week. Even though I’m busy, I’m excited because I have so much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks!

Is there anything we should do while visiting Albuquerque?

Running With Friends Makes You A Better Runner

Are you a lone wolf runner? Do you use running as your time to get away from the stress of life? I used to be the same way. My mornings were where I would take time for myself and run without a worry in the world. However, I believe you should make an effort to run with friends at least once a week.

There’s so many ways to find a group of runners in your area. Local running stores tend to host group runs and if you live in a big city, you’re bound to find running groups that fit your schedule. With social media, it’s easy to make relationships with other runners and meet up for runs. Safety first of course! Here’s a few reasons why I believe running with friends make you a better runner. Continue reading Running With Friends Makes You A Better Runner

Should You Run With Music?

The age old question that has plagued many runners; should you run with music? I’m sure you’ve seen runners on trails with their phones tucked safety in their arm bands (or the stubborn few who hold them while running!). When I’m running at the park on weekends, I can count on one hand runners who don’t run with headphones. There’s been seasons of training where I have given up music completely but I also ran my marathon with some music toward the end. So here’s the kicker, should you run with music? Well that depends on who you ask. Continue reading Should You Run With Music?