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The Weekend With The Race!

Happy Monday friends! It’s been such a great week and weekend full of nice weather and good times. It was also the week of my race! I kept most activity throughout the week low intensity in preparation for my half marathon!

The Weekend With The Race
City hall lit up before the race!

I picked up my bib and packet on Saturday and spent most of the day relaxing. Mostly sitting on the couch and watching Law and Order with a few breaks to stretch and foam roll. I made a conscience effort not to be nervous for my race. For the weeks leading up to the race, I made myself smile and picture a strong finish whenever the race would pop into my mind. It sounds silly but I really believe it’s what helped me have a great race.

The forecast for Sunday morning was around 45 degrees at the start of the race and it would be around 55 degrees when I finished. Since it was close to Halloween, I wanted to wear my Wonder Woman skirt. I made a mad scramble to Target to find a black long sleeve shirt so I wouldn’t be completely frozen on Sunday. However, I was excited because I was finally getting what I wanted: cold weather on race day!

We arrived at the park in Downtown and immediately got in the line for the porta potty. It was moving much slower than I would have liked but I kept me cool. As soon as I was done, I had to bolt to the start line. Thankfully the elites were first so I had time to get situated within the crowd. This race had pacers and my main goal was to stay in front of the 2:10 pacer and to never let him pass me.

I took off and I felt like I was going a bit fast but it was still comfortable. My first mile was an 8:15 but soon I settled into my groove. I am so stinking proud of myself because from mile 2-11 my splits were all 9:35. That consistency and just how my body felt throughout the run made me so dang happy. I didn’t feel tired, I didn’t feel anxious, I felt COMFORTABLE and that’s what I was aiming for. There was a moment where I began to start with negative thoughts but I made myself snap out of it. I thought of my friends, of my past races, of everything I had done this year. Basically any positive thing I could think of.

It was amazing but I was actually having FUN on this race. It was a strange feeling to be smiling with the wind in my hair and sun at my face at mile 9 and not be dying. So many people got a kick out of my Wonder Woman skirt and little kids along the course made me smile. I began to feel tightness in my left glute and lower back due to tweaking my back a bit earlier in the week. I didn’t let it phase me. I slowed it down to a 10 minute mile for the last couple miles. I texted Jordan about it and he was going to come meet me on the course. I texted him back and told him that I’m freaking Wonder Woman and I don’t quit! He knew from that text that I was in good spirits and he wouldn’t need to help me finish.

The dang finish line was uphill however I was so happy to see it and see my time! I stayed in front of the 2:10 pacer for the whole race and beat my personal record! I finish my half-marathon in 2:06 and even though it wasn’t my goal, I was so happy with how my race felt. Yes I was tired at the end but I wasn’t hurt and I thoroughly enjoyed myself through it all!

The Weekend With The Race

After the race, we stopped at Panera for brunch and I had some warm tomato soup. I had fun but my legs and face were definitely frozen. I wore glove at the beginning of the race but stripped them off halfway through. My ears need to be covered when I run in cooler weather since they’re the first to freeze!

The Weekend With The Race

I also wanted to try Starbucks’ Halloween Drink but they were out at the one by my house. We stopped by Dunkin Donuts and I had the most delicious Pumpkin Macchiato. However, it may have just been great because it was warm, haha! It took a warm bath and some couch time to finally thaw out.

The Weekend With The Race

The day after the race, I feel great! I was hoping to go to the gym this afternoon but I developed a lovely blister on the ball of my foot which is mostly uncomfortable. Other than that, I have no complaints! It’s amazing how quick my body has recovered from this race. That medal makes all those two-a-days worth it!

I don’t have another race planned but I may pop in and do a local Christmas race depending on how I feel. Mostly, I’m going to take care of my body and focus on strength training in preparation for my next training season, whenever that may be!

Half Marathon Training Recap

I still can’t believe it’s September! There’s Pumpkin flavored everything now. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a morning coffee earlier this week and they already had their fall specials. One thing I am looking forward to is cooler weather. This summer has been a bit of a rough one for me in terms of running but it’s going better now.

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Weekend Update! 

What a weekend y’all! It definitely started with a bang when I signed up for the Houston Marathon! That’s 26.2 miles. Oh my word!

So how did I get here? Well, this year has been SUCH a whirlwind. I feel like I’ve been continuing to improve and become a better and stronger runner. I feel confident in my skills and the race is still far out enough that I can adjust my training and continue to build mileage after my half marathon in November. And, I’m also crazy and love pushing myself so I figured, why not?! Haha! Continue reading Weekend Update!