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May StrideBox Review!

Whenever I come home to packages waiting for my in the mail, I get terribly excited! A subscription box made just for runners is definitely up my alley.

StrideBox is a subscription box that is packed with all kinds of goodies runners would enjoy. There’s nutrition bars, energy fuels, and hydration supplements in each box. This month’s box had a great mix of it all!

Health Warrior – Pumpkin Seed Bar

This bar was just what I needed on a day full of travel. I’ll admit it tasted more like something I would have closer to Thanksgiving but it was delicious. It was just the right size to hold me over to lunch!

Salt Stick – Fast Chews

This has been something I’ve been looking forward to trying. With the summer rapidly approaching, replenishing electrolytes on runs becomes for important! These tablets are chewable which makes it super quick to absorb while running.

Gu Energy Gel

This energy gel is one the most popular ones on the marker. I haven’t tried this flavor but it seems like an interesting one. Have you ever tried Gingerade flavored energy gel?

Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink

One of the reasons I really love StrideBox is because I get to try so many different electrolyte drinks. I have a sensitive stomach and it’s even worse while running. Some of these drinks didn’t set too well with me but having these sample sizes really helps me refine what works and what doesn’t!

Active Intelligence Relief and Recovery Tape

I’m sure you’ve seen runners and athletes with tape on their legs or joints. This tape not only helps with recovery but it is formulated with special ingredients to help aid in pain relief. I’m currently not injured but I’m definitely keeping this handy for any aches and pains!

Double Layer Cooling Towel

Towels like these are awesome. After a long run in the heat, it takes me forever to cool down. Soaking this towel and wringing it out, helps me cool off quickly. Fingers crossed that my husband doesn’t steal this from me!

With a myriad of awesome products for runners, why not give StrideBox a try? It’s relatively cheap and you’re guaranteed to find assailed products that can help you fuel your run. Click here to learn more!

Juice From The Raw Cleanse Review!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? I’ve always wondered what they were about and if someone could truly live on just juice alone. I mean, in a way it’s a form of an elimination diet and it’s honestly just a bunch of fruit and veggies right? Either way, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it! It was also helpful that there was a Groupon for this particular cleanse too.

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My 21 Day Fix Review!

As we begin a new year, I’m sure many people are still feeling out their New Year’s Resolutions. After all, this is when the gym is usually packed and memberships are on sale. What if you don’t want to deal with packed gyms and are totally new to all the equipment. What if you just don’t have time for it and would like to do something in the convenience of your own living room? The 21 Day Fix is absolutely convenient and super simple! I just finished my first round of it and I LOVED it!

day fix review

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Pinch Me November Sample Box!

Raise your hand if you love samples! I’m all about researching new beauty and household products so when I heard about Pinch Me, I fell in love! Pinch Me is a program where you sign up and if you meet brands needs, they send you products for you to try and review. November was my first qualifying box and I got a bunch of goodies to share!

sample pinch me

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Fitness Beauty Products

I love posts like these because I get to share all of my favorite products with you! On the rare occasion that I get, I like to try out a new class or studio and hit up lunch afterwards. Depending on the workout, sometimes you come out looking a little worse for wear. These are some of the products that I like to use to freshen up after a workout or when I’m short for time.

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