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Wild About Buddha’s Brew Kombucha!

I know we are technically a week into fall but y’all, Texas doesn’t really do seasons! It’s been pretty mild here the past few weeks so I’m basically treating this as Summer: The Sequel. In that train of thought, there’s nothing more I love on a warm day than relaxing and enjoying a delicious bottle of kombucha!

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Eat Healthy, Eat Enlightened!

I received the following product free of charge in order to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own.

Eat Enlightened

If you don’t know me in person, you may not know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. It’s a wonder all my teeth aren’t rotten, haha! However, I do strive to eat well so I’ll limit my consumption of sweets and only have some if I really, REALLY want it. When I found out about Enlightened ice cream bars, I was ecstatic! Continue reading Eat Healthy, Eat Enlightened!

Eating Pure with Purely Elizabeth Granola!

In keeping with the healthy eating theme lately, I’ve decided to share one of my new favorites! I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day but after a while that gets boring. I like to look at other blogs and shop the aisles for inspiration. That’s where I came across Purely Elizabeth granola!

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Juice From The Raw Cleanse Review!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? I’ve always wondered what they were about and if someone could truly live on just juice alone. I mean, in a way it’s a form of an elimination diet and it’s honestly just a bunch of fruit and veggies right? Either way, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it! It was also helpful that there was a Groupon for this particular cleanse too.

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