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Accel In Motion

I consider myself extremely lucky to know some women who are killing it every day. They work in many different industries but I’m just inspired by what they do. One of them is Megan Eddings. I met this sweet lady though social media! She and her husband, Kyle, created Fitness In The Loop which is an informational hub for all things fitness in the Houston area.Megan recently left corporate America to do her own thing. She’s the brains (and beauty) behind Accel Lifestyle which is a fitness apparel company unlike many out there. Her mission  is to create high quality pieces for men and women “that keep you smelling fresh, all while being socially conscious”.

How awesome would it be to go straight from the gym to grab some drinks with your friends without needing to stay down wind? Or if you like to hang out in your athleisure, you can do so and stay fresh throughout the day. Her line is officially launching later in 2017 but I’ve seen a few of her pieces and I’m already in love!

Accel In Motion

Accel In Motion

Another part of Accel Lifestyle is just that, the lifestyle. As I said before, Megan is such a boss babe but she’s got such a heart of gold. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and she makes friends instantly! Her smile and laughter just lights up any room she’s in. Megan created Accel In Motion, a campaign to write a note of encouragement to a complete stranger while asking them to pay it forward. Just a simple note and maybe a couple of bucks tucked into a windshield on a car or a locker at the gym. We all know that all it takes is a small act of kindness to turn someone’s day around.

When I heard about this campaign, I knew I wanted to be part of it. I’ve had people pay for my drink at Starbucks and I’ve had random sticky notes in bathrooms make me smile. I wanted to be the reason someone felt encouraged and loved even if they had a rough day. A simple letter and a few dollars are what I left on a windshield while at the grocery store. I hope they feel touched and they spread it forward.

Please check out Accel Lifestyle and learn more about Megan’s heart and vision. Also, consider leaving a note for a stranger and sharing #AccelInMotion on all social media platforms!


The Blogging Weekend

It’s been such a fun weekend filled with exploring around the city and meeting new people! Even with the crazy weather, we still had a blast!


We started off the weekend with a run. This Texas weather is so bad even at 7am. It was a rough four miles but they got done! Jordan and I were soaked with sweat afterwards.

After some breakfast and relaxing on the couch, we decided to take some photos around town. Jordan had been keeping an eye on the weather since we were expecting rain. Even though it was the middle of the day and the light may not have been ideal, we didn’t want to get caught in the rain.

There is a building in East Downtown that used to be a concert venue. It has since been abandoned but the many graffiti artists of Houston have used it as a canvas for their art. There are so many different pieces all around the building. In fact, most of East Downtown, or EaDo as it is know to the locals, is covered with awesome murals and street art. I hope to explore more another weekend and see more of the cool murals.

Jordan and I were in the mood for some lunch so we decided to try a new place. We stopped at the iconic Ninfa’s on Navigation. This place is a huge part of Houston history and has been at this location for decades. Jordan and I shared some epic fajitas and of course I forgot to take a picture! While we were enjoying lunch, a crazy storm hit the area. The power went out in the restaurant and the parking lot was started to flood. Y’all, it was definitely an adventure getting back home! Even with the rain, we had a blast.

Once we got home, the crazy storms had passed and we relaxed on the couch. I remembered that our library has a MovieBox program pretty similar to RedBox. We are able to check out three movies for three days with our library card. We picked the new Power Rangers movie along with both John Wick movies. After the Power Rangers movie and some skinny bean dip for dinner, we called it a night!


Jordan and I went on our morning walk and planned our day. Normally I would go with him to church but I was invited to a networking brunch event and I couldn’t say no to that!

I have been in contact with Aubray though social media. She is one of those girls that you find and you just connect with! She told me about this awesome group of ladies in Houston who were meeting up for brunch. I was a bit nervous since it was my first event like this but I honestly had a blast!

There is something about connecting with others who are passionate about the same things you are. Even though we are all in different stages of our blogging, it was really neat to hear everyone’s stories!

After brunch, I came home and my husband declared the day a lazy day. He handled the laundry while I was stuck on the couch since Snowflake sat on me. She has been really attached to me lately and has been sitting ON ME. It’s fine until my leg falls asleep or I start to sweat. Regardless, we finished our movies and had a sweat treat from Sonic when we took them back to the library.

Tomorrow is the official start to my half marathon training! Its a rest day but I will be focusing on eating better. I plan to reduce the amount of dairy I eat for the next few weeks and see what it does with my training. I’m excited to see how it will go!

Were your weekend plans affected by the rain?

Healthy and Quick Desserts!

If you’re anything like me as soon as the stress levels start to rise, I crave ALL THE SWEETS! Normally, I would say go for it and eat that cookie but sometimes, it’s just not ideal. Here’s a few of my favorite recipes from fellow bloggers that will satisfy your sweet tooth without going completely off the rails.

Healthy and Quick Desserts

Grain Free No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies
Healthy and Quick Desserts
Picture from Dashing Dish website.

These are super simple to make and they’re protein packed! You can make a big batch and have them ready for a sweet fix throughout the week.

Dirty Chai Energy Balls


Healthy and Quick Desserts
Picture from Fit Mitten Kitchen website.

These make and take energy balls are perfect for busy days when you’re running around town and still want to eat healthy. Make a batch of these energy balls on a Sunday and you’ll be set for the week. Well, that is if you can keep yourself from eating them in one sitting!

Edible Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough
Healthy and Quick Desserts
Picture from In It 4 The Long Run website.

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? I don’t eat cookie dough by itself but it’s very tempting. However, this recipe makes it very easy to eat the whole bowl in one sitting. The great thing about this recipe is that you can eat it with whatever you’d like!

What are some of your favorite desserts that are healthy and easy to whip up?

Finding New Ways To Stay Active

If you’re following a workout routine for a long time, you may find yourself feeling bored or unmotivated. You may even think about giving up all together. The stress of keeping a workout regimen going can be too much if you don’t break it up and find new ways to stay active. Here’s a few ways to stay active without necessarily “working out”.


Yard Work/House Work

Last week, I had to clean the carpets in my house and it was HARD. We have an indoor dog and she has access to all rooms of the house so you can guess that there’s hair EVERYWHERE. I also have thick hair so girls, I don’t have to tell you that there’s hair every where. We are blessed to have a house with big rooms so that means a whole lot of vacuuming. I broke into a sweat and my arms were sore by the time I was through.

I like to help my husband with the yard work and I’ll occasionally mow the lawn. We have a push mower so again, extra work! I will also cut down the brush and weeds we have growing in the backyard so I’ll take the machete to the them or the big clippers. All this is burning muscle and is definitely a workout!

All these go to show that you shouldn’t feel bad because you “missed a workout” to deep clean your house or your yard. It is work because you got active, increased your heart rate and you weren’t still! I wouldn’t make this a main source of exercise but if you are really scrubbing hard, I would give yourself a break.

Playing With Your Kids/Pets/Family

So I don’t have any children yet but when I volunteer with the Children’s Ministry at church, i would always need a nap when I got home. There was so many activities that required dancing and jumping that I definitely got a workout in. I also remember having a Wii in youth group and dancing with your kiddos is definitely a cardio workout!

My dog Snowflake is usually hot or cold. She can lay around and be fine snoozing all day or she’s sprinting around the house chasing us down. With a backyard, we are able to get outside with her and play chase with her. If we really get into it, we get a good sweat out of it too!

Basically, I’m trying to let you know that small things with a lot of energy can be a HUGE help for you. Playing with your kiddos or dog is good for both parties and it’s also a good bonding moment. If your kiddos are still in their strollers, taking them on a stroll is still good! It gets you out of the house and may even lead them to taking a nap. That’s good for everyone!

As for the older kids (or very competitive couples), playing a game of basketball or football after dinner or on the weekends is a great way to get moving. Again, it is a good bonding opportunity and you still break a sweat! There’s been evenings where a friendly game of tennis has turned into a sweat soaked workout!

When you’re starting to workout, it can seem like a major task when you’re trying to get a workout in. Now don’t get me wrong, these shouldn’t be ALL your activity but it’s a nice break from a rigid workout program.

What are some of your favorite ways to get active?

What non traditional “workout” really gets you sweating? 

How To Handle Low Motivation

What do you do when you have absolutely no motivation to workout? There’s some days where you can’t wait to go to sleep to wake up early and crush your workout. However, there’s some days where no amount of cute clothes and delicious breakfast are reason enough to get up early and get that workout in. Now I’m not talking about being “too sleepy” or “too tired”. I’m talking about just being flat out unmotivated and don’t really know why. Here’s a few of my tips on how to handle it.

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Keeping Sane During The Holidays!

Well, it’s already November y’all! I can’t even believe it. I try to stay as stress free as possible during this time but I know everyone can use tips on keeping sane during the holidays!

This is a time of year filled with holiday work parties and spending time with family! I am a meticulous planner so last minute changes or anything new can definitely bump up my stress level. While I do love seeing family and going out, it can cause some stress, albeit good stress.Holidays

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