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Coming Back From Injury

It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately. Mostly because of trying to decompress after a fun but exhausting training season. These past twelve weeks have been some of the funnest and also the most challenging to date. I really put my mind to mastering this half-marathon and I couldn’t be happier with my performance. That being said, I also ran my half-marathon with a last minute injury.

Coming Back From Injury

As an athlete, the onset of any type of injury is crushing. Coming from a couch potato background, I have to be smart with increasing mileage and intensity in my workouts. I was also in a horrible car wreck when I was a teenager that did a number on my back. It’s not uncommon for me to bend or sit a certain way and knock my back completely out of wack for days or even weeks. It’s frustrating and I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve cried because of injuries.

However, in the past two years of running and training, I’ve learned that practicing grace in the midst of injury is so important. It’s easy to hit the gym full speed ahead as soon as you get the go ahead from your doctor. Unfortunately, this can lead to getting hurt again.

I wouldn’t necessary recommend starting at square one but I would I scale it back a bit. For example, my back has been giving me problems and while I’m getting better I’m still staying away from deadlifts. When I do feel 100%, I won’t jump back to my normal weight. Since I’ve lost a good deal of mobility and strength, I’ll start with 50% of my weight and see how it feels. It may take weeks to get back to where I used to be pre-injury but it’s a safe way to scale the workout and get moving again.

The same can be done for running. If you had to stop running due to injury, I would start slow. Begin with walk/run intervals until you’re able to run for a whole mile then slowly begin to add miles to your run. It will take a lot of patience but your body will thank you for it.

Another thing about injury, depending on what happened, you may need to give extra attention to it. I know my back will always be a problem so I focus on improving my core strength and stretching my hips and hamstrings since any tightness there leads to tightness in my lower back. A few times a week, I do my old physical therapy workouts and it helps keep me moving. Working on your body’s weaknesses can help you ward off injury in the future.

Overall, be patient! I know it’s the last thing you want to hear and even I roll my eyes when people tell me that. However, sometimes getting injured is our body’s way to tell us to chill out. With time, you will start to feel better and you’ll be back to it!

The Weekend With The Snacks!

This past week has been a rough one in our household. My old hip injury decided to act up and my shoulder was not happy with me. Jordan suffered from side effects from his new medication most of the week as well. It’s safe to say, the weekend couldn’t come fast enough!


I went to physical therapy during the week and I had been cleared to resume activity once I felt the pain and inflammation was gone. We woke on Saturday and chose plan B since I didn’t want to risk jumping in too soon. Jordan and I went for a walk at the trails and enjoyed the cooler weather!

After our walk, we stopped in to Chick Fil A for some breakfast. It is always amazing to see how busy it gets mid-morning. Once we finished up breakfast, we stopped for groceries. Normally we get groceries on Friday nights to avoid crowds but we weren’t feeling up to it on Friday.

We cleaned up and watched some of our shows on Hulu. We realized that the season we were watching was the last one of the show. Luckily, we found out before we got to the last episode so we could emotionally prepare ourselves.

After this, Jordan and I went on a drive and went to Sprouts. I had a few coupons for snacks and I knew I could find them at Sprouts. It is a bit of a drive but they also have so many dairy free products so I stocked up on a few as well. I want to continue to limit dairy since my body is responding well to it!


Y’all, I was so excited to sleep in on Sunday. Of course, my body wasn’t having any of it and I woke up before six. I decided to get out of bed and get started on meal prep. I had also planned to make pot roast for dinner so I threw everything in the crockpot.

Meal prep and breakfast was done by seven. Even though I was slightly annoyed that I was up so early, I was glad to have my afternoon free to relax!

After church, we had lunch at Panera with my in-laws. I have been a bit lax and eating all the comfort foods this weekend. It is hard to turn down their mac & cheese!

Once we got home, I put on my oversized sweatshirt. The weather is still in the 90s here but a girl can dream, right?

We finished our Sunday with a nap and some football. This week was my first week catching a game with Tony Romo commentating. He gets so excited and Jordan and I just crack up laughing. Gotta love football y’all!

Are you enjoying fall weather?

Mellow Weekend!

As I’m typing this up, I’m sipping some peppermint tea. I’ve really tried hard this week to lay off the caffeine and just make time to meditate and relax. I’ve even got my Google calendar set up with reminders to meditate and appointments for time to relax. I also swapped my coffee for tea! It’s been great to really just take a step back. That meant this was a mellow weekend! Continue reading Mellow Weekend!

Injury Update and Weekend Recap

Well if you haven’t heard the news, you may not know that I have a strained hip flexor. It’s a bummer but I think it’s been something that I have been neglecting for a while. This week has been resting and low impact cardio.

So what does this mean for marathon training? I’m actually not freaking out about it. I know that I’ll have to readjust my goals but I know that my body is strong and it will continue to be strong once I have recovered. Continue reading Injury Update and Weekend Recap

How to Stay Injury Free While Running

First of all, these are just a few tips. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. When I first started running, I wasn’t given much direction. I actually kept getting hurt and rolling my ankle and had no idea why. With some studying and help from physical therapists, I wanted to share what I learned to spare you some aggravation!

Continue reading How to Stay Injury Free While Running