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Trying New Things!

What a week it’s been! From heading back to Crossfit and celebrating birthdays to spin instructor try outs, it’s been a wild week!

My weekend started with celebrating one of my favorite spin instructors and friends, Riley. Parties at our spin station are always a blast! However, Friday was my fifth day of working out without any breaks so my legs were definitely trashed.


My day started off with sleeping in. Although, I have to admit I was a ball of nerves. Earlier in the week, I found out that a spin studio in town was holding open auditions. After talking with my husband and a friend I decided to go for it!
I absolutely love spin class and I would truly enjoy sharing this experience with other people. All week, it’s been something that I had been looking forward to. I have never tried out for anything like this so I had no idea what to expect.

Arriving at the studio, I felt confident. I hadn’t actually taken a class at this studio but it’s the same as the one I attend on a weekly basis.

I may share more in another post but long story short, I didn’t make it to the training class. There was many phases to the audition and I didn’t make it to the last one. I wasn’t too bummed but it still doesn’t make rejection any easier. If it was my home studio, I probably would have been a mess. Moving forward, I’ll keep trying harder and hope to do better in my next audition!


My first rest day of the week! Although, my body had different ideas and I ended up waking up early. I was able to relax a bit before church and drink my tea in my favorite mug. It’s a keepsake from our wedding. My husband and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary next month!

I think my husband sensed I was still down because he agreed to take me to Lush after lunch. He’s terribly sweet y’all! After the auditions on Saturday, he spent the evening trying to cheer me up. He’s so great. While we were at Lush, he let me try out all the products while he stood in the corner playing on his phone. I couldn’t convince him to get some beard conditioner though, haha!

This week won’t be too bad as far as traveling for work. I’ve decided to do a trial month at the Crossfit gym so I’m excited to head back this week! The weather is getting nice and toasty around here so I guess summer is around the corner!

How did you spend your weekend? 

Foods You Should Know About: Beets

As we’re heading into the summer months, I’m reaching more for the fruits and the veggies! I like to cool off from my morning runs with a smoothie. Another great hidden gem for smoothies is beets. Beets are a GREAT veggie if you’re a runner or just want to round out your diet!


What are Beets?

Beets are the lovely red veggies that Dwight Schrute loves (any fans of The Office?). I’m sure you’re aware that a well rounded diet eats fruits and veggies of colors. Beets may not seem like the easiest veggie to prepare but it’s loaded with many vitamins and minerals, which leads me to my next point.

Why Should I Eat Them?

See that red color? It comes from the many different antioxidants in the vegetable. The antioxidants contained in beets are very helpful for eye and nerve tissue health. There’s still additional studies on how much beets enhance the health of the eyes and nerve tissue but you’ll be on the safe side with a normal dose of beets in your diet!

Beets also contain many anti-inflammatory benefits. Due to the unique phytonutrients present in beets, you get to experience the ant inflammatory effects! This along with the high fiber content of beets makes it a big candidate for those who wish to reduce the risk of certain cancer types. How we nourish our body is very important and I think beets are a big player!


How Should I Eat Them?

If you are lucky enough to have a Vitamix, beets are great in juices and smoothies! Try this recipe! A way I enjoy my beets is in a cold pressed juice from JuiceLand near my spin studio. I actually really like the taste of beets but I know that isn’t the case for everyone which is why a juice is a safe bet. When purchasing a juice, make sure it is cold pressed with no additional sugar. You’ll typically find a juice that contains beets along with other fruits to “hide” the taste.

Foods You Should Know About: Cauliflower

So it’s kinda of obvious but I’m sure everyone knows about cauliflower. However, this post will change the way you think about this crunchy veggie! Unless your diet is mostly veggies or you just like to expand your dietary horizons, you probably don’t know just how many ways cauliflower can add to your meals! Continue reading Foods You Should Know About: Cauliflower

Foods You Should Know About: Spirulina

I’m back to talk about another one of my favorite foods. Well this one isn’t so much of a food but a very important ingredient for smoothies and the like. I stumbled upon Spirulina when I was trying to make a salad dressing. I had never heard of such thing and I had no idea where to find it in the grocery store. After a lot of searching, I found powdered Spirulina with the health supplements! Continue reading Foods You Should Know About: Spirulina

Foods You Should Know About: Quinoa

Now, I don’t think I can consider myself a foodie if there’s certain food groups I will NOT eat. However, I do feel like I can share some of my favorite nutrition foods with you! I meal prep weekly and I try to keep it on the healthier side. Lately, most of my lunches have been vegetarian which has allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone. This will be a weekly series sharing a new food or ingredient that you should try to incorporate into your diet. This week’s ingredient is: QUINOA! Continue reading Foods You Should Know About: Quinoa