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Never Have I Ever…Running Edition

So I know that this a popular game to play but I’ve seen other bloggers do this with running so I figured I would give it a try! I think it’s pretty interesting how common some of these things are with runners. Bids of a feather truly flock together!

Never Have I Ever...Running Edition

…Been Lost While Running

I don’t know if it’s because I have a good sense of direction (at least I think I do) or because I run in neighborhoods and not trails but I have never been lost while running. I tend to be hyper aware of people and things so that may be it. Or because city streets tends to all have a similar layout!

…Ran Away From A Dog

Luckily, I’ve only had tiny dogs chase me and of course I stop so they don’t continue to run after me. There aren’t very many big dogs in our neighborhood so I’ve never had to fear for my safety.

…Lost A Toenail

I am the blister QUEEN. I’ve tried all kinds of socks and still can’t figure it out but I’ve never lost a toe nail. I’m not squeamish when it comes to my blisters but I think losing a toenail would make me hurl.

…Started A Run Before 4AM

I vowed that I would NEVER do this. I need my sleep but I do cut it short some nights. The earliest I’ve ever had to wake up to run was 4AM but I’m not getting up any earlier. With my new job, this isn’t an issue though!

…Ran Circles To Meet My Goal

If you don’t do this, are you even a runner? Of course I’ve done this! I have run past my house and in the parking lot of some parks just to end on a “good” number.

…Ran An Ultra

I have not run an ultra marathon but it’s definitely something I want to achieve. Late last year I told myself that my goal for 2018 was either to run the Chicago Marathon or run an ultra marathon. I was accepted to the Chicago Marathon so the ultra will have to wait until next year!

So that’s a bit about me and my running journey!

Have you done any of these? Share below!

3 Tips To Walk More Throughout Your Day

Raise your hand if you have a Fitbit or pedometer of some sort! I have recently switched over to a Garmin that tracks my daily steps but I was an OG Fitbit user. I had many of the models and I LOVED them. As someone who has had sedentary jobs all their life, it’s a huge eye opener to realize we don’t walk enough on a daily basis.

As weird as it sounds, my love obsession with running started with walking. Jordan and I both had Fitbit and we saw how little we walked. It was super embarrassing. We began to walk for miles around our neighborhood. Not only was it nice to catch up and spend time together but we realized that it made us feel better. After doing this for a few weeks, both of us began to notice some weight loss.

Whenever people ask me about starting a workout regimen, I always suggest walking. It’s super easy, beneficial, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Even if you already have a fitness regiment, walking throughout your day is a huge benefit.

Walking Tip #1: Park Far Away/Window Shop

If you have to go to the store, park a bit away from the entrance. I really don’t mind the extra steps because I know that it’s good for me. Obviously this won’t be THAT big of a change but it will change your mindset.

Sometimes Jordan and I will head to the mall and park at one end and walk to the other. Our closet mall is massive so if we do the complete mall, it’s about a mile or so. During those hot Texas summers, walking indoors is perfect. Seriously mall walkers are on to something. It’s a great way to walk around and not get bored.

Walking Tip #2: Walk Your Pooch!

Having a dog is a great reminder for a walk. Even though we have a big enough yard for Snowflake to run around in, I still like to take her around the neighborhood. We go for about three or four walks weekly with her. Depending on your dog, you may opt for a morning and afternoon walk. This way you both get your exercise and you have an accountability partner!

Walking Tip #3: Walk and Talk

Are you on the phone a lot for work? Do you call your family to catch up? Why not go for a walk at the same time?! I know that answering emails can take some time so sometimes I’ll go for a walk while I check in. You can still get your job done while getting some extra steps in. My husband calls his family while walking around the house. It doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up!

What are some of your tips to get some extra steps?

Tips To Become A Morning Person!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “The early bird gets the worm.” My mom is a HUGE believer of this saying. She’s a natural morning person and her internal clock always wakes her up before the sun is even up! Me? Not so much, haha! It’s true. I am NOT a morning person.

Tips To Become A Morning Person

However, if you follow me on Instagram you can see from my stories that I’m usually up pretty early. I found that early morning workouts make me feel so much better. When I first started getting into a routine, it was like pulling teeth. I HATED getting up early and it took so much effort to get anything done. Getting out of bed before the sun comes up is rough but totally doable.

Morning Tip #1: Start Slow

If you normally start your day around eight or nine, don’t set an alarm for 4AM! Your body will have a hard time adjusting and you’re morning likely to give it up quicker. Start waking up a half hour early a few days a week. Your sleep schedule will gradually adjust and you may find that you start getting up a bit easier. When you are first starting out, stick to a few days a week.

Morning Tip #2: Have A Game Plan

What do you want to do with your mornings? Do you want to hit the gym? Do you want to meditate and read? Whatever you want to do, make sure you have your plan set out and everything ready to go. I tend to lay out all my workout clothes and anything I need for my workout that particular day. I find that it keeps me from getting stressed out early in the morning and it also gives me less excuses to sleep in. Get everything ready the night before so you are ready to go in the morning!

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Morning Tip #3: Head to Bed Earlier

I feel like this is a given but I’m still putting it on the list. You will have an easier time getting out of bed the next day if you go to sleep at a reasonable time! You don’t have to be in bed by 8PM (unless you want to!) If you want to get up 30 minutes earlier, then head to bed 30 minutes earlier. I’ll say it again, small incremental changes will make it much easier to adapt.

Morning Tip #4: Unplug

We have a “No Phone Rule” in the evenings in my household. It gives us time to connect but it also lets our brains know it’s time to slow down. I would recommend removing all electronics from your bedroom to remove any temptation. If you use your phone as an alarm, set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” so you don’t have notifications tempting you. In the morning, I challenge you to stay off your phone. Get out of bed when the alarm goes off and start on your plan for the day. By getting on your phone right as you wake up, you’re sending your brain into overload and not giving yourself enough time to start your day off right.

Start small and incorporate a few of these tips. While you may never be a super jolly morning person (guilty!), it may be easier to get out of bed earlier and have a more productive day. Let me know which tips you try out and what works for you!

Do you have any tips that have helped you conquer the mornings?

What I Listen To While I Run!

I’ve been working on adding back the miles and getting my legs used to fatigue and recovery. My goal for this month is to build endurance and to get in a few days of spin AND run so my legs can get used to that “spent” feeling that I experience at the end of races. By being comfortable with the uncomfortable, progress gets easier!

What I Listen To While I Run

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The Weekend In Pictures: Christmas!

What a weekend! I was one of the unlucky few that had to work Friday but I was able to leave at noon and get my holiday started early! This year, Jordan and I would spend Christmas at home. We celebrated with our respective families earlier in the month so we got to spend time together and start our own little traditions.

Jordan and I met up for lunch on Friday and ate Chuy’s before watching The Last Jedi

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How To Choose A Training Plan

As we look forward to the next year, you may be in the process of choosing the races you want to participate in. Whether you are in the beginning stages of running or you’re a veteran, you will always need to have a training plan going into these races. However, not all plans are equal and you’ll need to consider a few items before choosing a training plan.

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My Experience With Counting Macros

We are half way through the week! I hope you’re week is going well and I know that you will finish this week on a good note. That being said, let’s jump into today’s topic. Changes are you’ve heard about counting macros if you follow certain people on Instagram or you’re REALLY into nutrition. Like most things, I was clueless until I saw some hashtags. Once I found out what it meant to “count macros”, I began to do some more research.

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Three Signs You Need A Rest Day

If you have a set training plan, chances are that you may have a rest day scheduled each week. When you’re aiming for a running or workout streak, a rest day is certainty not high up on the list. If you’re doing your own programming and picking your workouts, you may not think you need a rest day. As we strive to reach our goals, it’s easy to believe that more is better. However, to continue to grow stronger our bodies need rest. Here are my three signs that your body needs a rest day.

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Coming Back From Injury

It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately. Mostly because of trying to decompress after a fun but exhausting training season. These past twelve weeks have been some of the funnest and also the most challenging to date. I really put my mind to mastering this half-marathon and I couldn’t be happier with my performance. That being said, I also ran my half-marathon with a last minute injury.

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