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Meatless Monday!

Okay, I know it isn’t Monday but bare with me for a bit. If you’ve been on any health food websites or scrolling through Instagram, you may have seen the phase Meatless Monday. What the heck is that? Well, it’s truly what it sounds like, one day a week (Monday is just for alteration) you choose to give up meat. Some people have their personal rules and give up all animal products and go completely vegan for the day. Continue reading Meatless Monday!

Want To Be Healthy But Can’t Cook!

I hear a lot of reasons why people don’t eat well.

“It’s too hard.”

“It’s too expensive”

“I can’t cook”

cookWhile I totally understand all of these reasons, I still say to get out there and try! Trust me, I’ve been there. I have people tell me that my meal prep looks so nice but they could never do it. YES YOU CAN! There’s a few ways to be healthy even if you think you can’t cook.

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

What comes to mind when you think of cooking healthy food? Tons of veggies, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, flavor free…..etc! Honestly it truly doesn’t have to be that way! It can get so overwhelming to look at recipes online and give up before you even start but don’t! Starting with easy recipes and simple ingredients gets you in the groove with cooking and you won’t get easily discouraged!

Practice Patience

Learning to cook really takes time! You may find one recipe that you’re really good at and you make that until you get sick of it! That’s totally okay. The thing about cooking is that you’ll have to keep doing it and trying new foods to find out what really works for you! Sometimes it takes making a few meals with a certain ingredient for you to know that it may not be for you. I would recommend tackling one new recipe a week. This way you still get to try new things but you haven’t gotten too overwhelmed.

Start Small

When I started cooking for my husband, I used to beat myself up because the dish never turned out like the picture in the cookbook. Most of the time, it never will! Those foods are professionally styled and are usually cold and DAYS old before they get photographed. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t cut the veggies in super tiny slivers. The fact that you got through it and make a delicious dish in the end is what matters! Celebrating the little victories can make cooking more enjoyable!

Get Help

There’s so many delivery services now that will deliver just the right amount of ingredients to your door and all you have to do is put it together! Blue Apron is such a big help because I believe it really steers you in the right direction. All you have to do is follow the direction to get everything together. Cooking these meals will boost your confidence and you’ll be more eager to try experimenting on your own!

Overall, cooking may just not be for you but I wouldn’t want that to stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. Why not try these out and see what works for you?

Do you like to cook meals daily?

Have you tried delivery services like Blue Apron?

Trying Out Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles

Do you eat a diet of heavy meats and veggies? Are you trying to find a way to reduce the amount of high fat and cholesterol foods you eat? Beyond Beef Crumbles are a meat alternative that is cholesterol, gluten, and soy free! These three reasons are why I decided to try out the Beyond Beef Crumbles.

Beef Meat Crumbles

Continue reading Trying Out Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles

Mellow Weekend!

As I’m typing this up, I’m sipping some peppermint tea. I’ve really tried hard this week to lay off the caffeine and just make time to meditate and relax. I’ve even got my Google calendar set up with reminders to meditate and appointments for time to relax. I also swapped my coffee for tea! It’s been great to really just take a step back. That meant this was a mellow weekend! Continue reading Mellow Weekend!

Weekend Update!

As busy as it was, this weekend was also a very relaxing one. I had another three day weekend due to Jordan getting a root canal on Friday. I drove him around and made sure he was taken care of. He was such a trooper!

Work was weird this week since I technically only worked three days so I had to fit my workouts whenever I could. After all his procedures were done, I was able to catch a class at Soulcycle! A new studio opened in town and I was able to score a free class. It was so different from what I’m used to at Ride but I definitely appreciated the workout.  Continue reading Weekend Update!