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The Weekend With The Snacks!

This past week has been a rough one in our household. My old hip injury decided to act up and my shoulder was not happy with me. Jordan suffered from side effects from his new medication most of the week as well. It’s safe to say, the weekend couldn’t come fast enough!


I went to physical therapy during the week and I had been cleared to resume activity once I felt the pain and inflammation was gone. We woke on Saturday and chose plan B since I didn’t want to risk jumping in too soon. Jordan and I went for a walk at the trails and enjoyed the cooler weather!

After our walk, we stopped in to Chick Fil A for some breakfast. It is always amazing to see how busy it gets mid-morning. Once we finished up breakfast, we stopped for groceries. Normally we get groceries on Friday nights to avoid crowds but we weren’t feeling up to it on Friday.

We cleaned up and watched some of our shows on Hulu. We realized that the season we were watching was the last one of the show. Luckily, we found out before we got to the last episode so we could emotionally prepare ourselves.

After this, Jordan and I went on a drive and went to Sprouts. I had a few coupons for snacks and I knew I could find them at Sprouts. It is a bit of a drive but they also have so many dairy free products so I stocked up on a few as well. I want to continue to limit dairy since my body is responding well to it!


Y’all, I was so excited to sleep in on Sunday. Of course, my body wasn’t having any of it and I woke up before six. I decided to get out of bed and get started on meal prep. I had also planned to make pot roast for dinner so I threw everything in the crockpot.

Meal prep and breakfast was done by seven. Even though I was slightly annoyed that I was up so early, I was glad to have my afternoon free to relax!

After church, we had lunch at Panera with my in-laws. I have been a bit lax and eating all the comfort foods this weekend. It is hard to turn down their mac & cheese!

Once we got home, I put on my oversized sweatshirt. The weather is still in the 90s here but a girl can dream, right?

We finished our Sunday with a nap and some football. This week was my first week catching a game with Tony Romo commentating. He gets so excited and Jordan and I just crack up laughing. Gotta love football y’all!

Are you enjoying fall weather?

Finding New Ways To Stay Active

If you’re following a workout routine for a long time, you may find yourself feeling bored or unmotivated. You may even think about giving up all together. The stress of keeping a workout regimen going can be too much if you don’t break it up and find new ways to stay active. Here’s a few ways to stay active without necessarily “working out”.


Yard Work/House Work

Last week, I had to clean the carpets in my house and it was HARD. We have an indoor dog and she has access to all rooms of the house so you can guess that there’s hair EVERYWHERE. I also have thick hair so girls, I don’t have to tell you that there’s hair every where. We are blessed to have a house with big rooms so that means a whole lot of vacuuming. I broke into a sweat and my arms were sore by the time I was through.

I like to help my husband with the yard work and I’ll occasionally mow the lawn. We have a push mower so again, extra work! I will also cut down the brush and weeds we have growing in the backyard so I’ll take the machete to the them or the big clippers. All this is burning muscle and is definitely a workout!

All these go to show that you shouldn’t feel bad because you “missed a workout” to deep clean your house or your yard. It is work because you got active, increased your heart rate and you weren’t still! I wouldn’t make this a main source of exercise but if you are really scrubbing hard, I would give yourself a break.

Playing With Your Kids/Pets/Family

So I don’t have any children yet but when I volunteer with the Children’s Ministry at church, i would always need a nap when I got home. There was so many activities that required dancing and jumping that I definitely got a workout in. I also remember having a Wii in youth group and dancing with your kiddos is definitely a cardio workout!

My dog Snowflake is usually hot or cold. She can lay around and be fine snoozing all day or she’s sprinting around the house chasing us down. With a backyard, we are able to get outside with her and play chase with her. If we really get into it, we get a good sweat out of it too!

Basically, I’m trying to let you know that small things with a lot of energy can be a HUGE help for you. Playing with your kiddos or dog is good for both parties and it’s also a good bonding moment. If your kiddos are still in their strollers, taking them on a stroll is still good! It gets you out of the house and may even lead them to taking a nap. That’s good for everyone!

As for the older kids (or very competitive couples), playing a game of basketball or football after dinner or on the weekends is a great way to get moving. Again, it is a good bonding opportunity and you still break a sweat! There’s been evenings where a friendly game of tennis has turned into a sweat soaked workout!

When you’re starting to workout, it can seem like a major task when you’re trying to get a workout in. Now don’t get me wrong, these shouldn’t be ALL your activity but it’s a nice break from a rigid workout program.

What are some of your favorite ways to get active?

What non traditional “workout” really gets you sweating?