How I Stay Productive Daily

How I Stay Productive Daily

Calling all the people who have their life together! Please let me know how you do it because some days I CANNOT get myself together. When I tell people that I get up early to workout and I’m in the middle of training for a race, they ask me where I find the time. Honestly, some days I’m just a zombie running around trying to get stuff done. However after some trial and error, I have learned a few things that keep me organized and productive on a daily basis.

How I Stay Productive Daily

Tip #1 – Use a Weekly Planner

This bleeds in a bit into my meal prepping but I have a weekly planner and I set everything out for the week. Honestly, I do this about two weeks in advance but I try to write down every task outside of the usual work and church time.

When planning tasks, make sure to give yourself enough time to do everything. Don’t make one day of the week jam packed. If it’s possible, spread out housework or chores throughout the week so it’s less daunting. You’re more likely to stay organized if each task seems achievable.

Tip #2 – Set Reminders On Your Phone

Lately, I’ve been staying organized by using an app called Google Keep. It’s basically a note taking app but you can color code each note and set reminders. I can create labels and assign each task a color so I know what goes together. I’ll even use Keep as a way to stay organized when it comes to the blog!

I used this in conjunction with Google Calendar. All the label and colors stay the same as those on Keep so I have a general idea. The great thing I love about Google Calendar is that you can include reminders set with locations and notes so it’s all on any device you chose! If you have a smart watch, I believe you can even send reminders to it too!

There’s plenty of other apps you can use on your phone and your laptop. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of Slack. This is a great way to stay organized with your team and have a streamlined process.

Tip #3 – Pick Your Non-Negotiable Tasks Daily

Every morning, you should create a to do list. Figure out what needs to be done that day. Once you have that, you should pick between three and five tasks that NEED to be done that day. No excuses. Then structure your day around those tasks. It would be ideal if you could get these tasks done first thing.  If not, ensure that you get those tasks done. If you can get others done in the process, that’s fine. Making sure that these non-negotiable tasks get done daily will keep you organized and will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

With a combination of these tips I can make sure that my days are structure and I’m being productive. Life happens and sometimes things may not go as planned. However, this can keep you from feeling overwhelmed and can lead you on a path to getting organized!

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