Race Weekend Recap!

Oh, what a weekend it was! It was filled with golfing, video games, cooking, and a half marathon. It was a full weekend but so fun!


First I have to start with Thursday. The spin studio I go to was having a special for the month of November. In support of the Movember Foundation, a percent of classes we’re donated and every new male that we brought with us earned us a free class. My heart practically burst with joy when my husband volunteered to do to class with me! The class I attend on Thursday nights is….different, haha! It’s definitely an advanced class but my sweet husband was along for the ride. He doesn’t do intense workouts and usually just strolls on his bike behind me during my runs. He powered through and enjoyed the class. It seriously made me so happy that he would volunteer to go to class with me even though it’s not a beginners class.

Race Weekend Spin


Saturday was an active rest day. It was so nice to sleep in. I really do love running and marathon training but you can’t beat a nice morning to sleep in! The temperature dropped dramatically overnight so I enjoyed curling up and not having to rush out the door.

We enjoyed a nice breakfast and headed to TopGolf! It’s been a while since we’ve gone and we usually like to go when the weather is cool. Two hours at the range definitely worked up an appetite.

Race Weekend Eats
Fried Pickle Fries. My favorite!

It wasn’t my best day but I still had fun. Afterwards, we drove to packet pick up and hung out at the run store. I wasn’t too nervous about the half marathon but it was crazy to hear the amount of people that signed up. These races have definitely been popular!

That afternoon, Jordan and I went out and did some canvasing for Christmas decorations. This is our first year in our house so decorations are a must! My husband loves Christmas lights so he was very excited. I want to decorate our living room but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for.

Race Weekend Legos

However, we did find Lego Star Wars on sale! We both love playing video games and these are some of our favorites. Jordan is a Star Wars fan and I love video games we can play together  We played for a bit but called it an early night for the race on Sunday.


Sunday morning was so chilly. It was hard getting out of bed and I didn’t really sleep too well the night before. I had all my stuff ready the night before so getting ready was a breeze.

Race Flat Runner
My Flat Runner!

The start of the race was COLD. I prefer the cold weather but this race was over a bridge so the temps were definitely low. I knew that I would warm up once I started running so I dressed in one layer.

The race started well and I felt great. I ran toward the front of the group and was able to find my pace quickly. During training  I break down my long runs to shorter segments so I figured I would incorporate that into the race and fuel accordingly.

The first half of the race went well. I was able to get my energy gels down and I wasn’t feeling too tired. Getting up the bridge the first time was hard but I did it. The second time was rough. The incline of the bridge isn’t too bad but the fact that this race is a half-marathon makes it harder.

The race volunteered kept my hopes up during the second half of the race. Everyone was so nice and upbeat. I didn’t wear my headphones during this race so I was really aware of my surroundings. It was a great day with great weather!

Race Medals
I was all smiles when I finished!

I finished in 2:24. I am really proud of this time because the bridge slowed me down but I still finished in this range. If this was a flat course, I’m sure I would have been close to the two hour mark. I’m really proud with my performance in this race series and hope to continue improving!

Race fuel
My delicious creation on Sunday night!

The rest of my Sunday was spent relaxing and doing the usual duties. Meal planning, laundry, and lawn work. I was able to keep up and help my husband around the house. I tried out a new recipe with Beyond Meat crumbles and I fell in love! I’m hoping to incorporate more plant based meals into my diet and this is a great staple!
I’m really excited for the upcoming week! Thanksgiving and seeing friends! My friend Shannon has been on maternity leave and Thanksgiving is her first day back to teaching spin classes. Nothing like starting your Thanksgiving feast with a little bit of sweat!

Do you have any big plans for Thanksgiving or Black Friday? Do you plan to #OptOutside on Friday?

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