Choosing and Running Your First Race

My favorite time of year is around the corner! Now, Houston doesn’t real do seasons but fall/winter holidays are definitely my favorite. Pumpkin and Peppermint are added to absolutely everything and it’s okay to wear loud crazy colors!

Another thing that comes along with Thanksgiving and Christmas is fun runs and 5k races! These are definitely the best time to jump in and start running. Well, that and it might help keep the calories from adding up, haha! Continue reading Choosing and Running Your First Race

Weekend Update! 

What a weekend y’all! It definitely started with a bang when I signed up for the Houston Marathon! That’s 26.2 miles. Oh my word!

So how did I get here? Well, this year has been SUCH a whirlwind. I feel like I’ve been continuing to improve and become a better and stronger runner. I feel confident in my skills and the race is still far out enough that I can adjust my training and continue to build mileage after my half marathon in November. And, I’m also crazy and love pushing myself so I figured, why not?! Haha! Continue reading Weekend Update! 

How To Get Fit Without Getting Bored

So getting started on your fitness journey is definitely a challenge but sometimes once you get going, you can get in a slump. Not only does your body get accustomed to your workouts but you aren’t mentally engaged and aren’t making progress.

At the beginning of this year, I started incorporating different types of workouts. I will forever enjoy running but I was starting to get burned out. I began following the Tone It Up community and began to fit in High Intensity Interval Training into my workout schedule. The fast paced full body workouts were a major shock to my body. Yes I was sore and some days were HARD but I began to notice muscle definition. Continue reading How To Get Fit Without Getting Bored

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