Keeping Sane During The Holidays!

Well, it’s already November y’all! I can’t even believe it. I try to stay as stress free as possible during this time but I know everyone can use tips on keeping sane during the holidays!

This is a time of year filled with holiday work parties and spending time with family! I am a meticulous planner so last minute changes or anything new can definitely bump up my stress level. While I do love seeing family and going out, it can cause some stress, albeit good stress.Holidays

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Mellow Weekend!

As I’m typing this up, I’m sipping some peppermint tea. I’ve really tried hard this week to lay off the caffeine and just make time to meditate and relax. I’ve even got my Google calendar set up with reminders to meditate and appointments for time to relax. I also swapped my coffee for tea! It’s been great to really just take a step back. That meant this was a mellow weekend! Continue reading Mellow Weekend!

Incorporating Supplements Into Your Diet

Let’s be honest here. I’m sure you’ve all been scrolling on Instagram and have seen multiple people showing off their protein supplements and things like that. Heck, I’m guilty of having a few posts about my favorite supplements: Unico Nutrition.¬†I know some people have questions like, how do I go about incorporating supplements into my diet? Should I even take them? Let’s break it down! Continue reading Incorporating Supplements Into Your Diet

Injury Update and Weekend Recap

Well if you haven’t heard the news, you may not know that I have a strained hip flexor. It’s a bummer but I think it’s been something that I have been neglecting for a while. This week has been resting and low impact cardio.

So what does this mean for marathon training? I’m actually not freaking out about it. I know that I’ll have to readjust my goals but I know that my body is strong and it will continue to be strong once I have recovered. Continue reading Injury Update and Weekend Recap

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