Better Fast Food Options

So I try to avoid it but it happens, you’re out and you get hungry so what do you do? You head for a fast food restaurant. Now hear me out, depending on your fitness and dietary goals, this doesn’t have to completely derail your day. There’s ways to still get quality meals at normal establishments.

fast wrap
A Chicken Caesar Wrap was the healthiest thing at this travel stop.

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Trying Out Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles

Do you eat a diet of heavy meats and veggies? Are you trying to find a way to reduce the amount of high fat and cholesterol foods you eat? Beyond Beef Crumbles are a meat alternative that is cholesterol, gluten, and soy free! These three reasons are why I decided to try out the Beyond Beef Crumbles.

Beef Meat Crumbles

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Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes!

What’s not to love about hot chocolate?! I love when it’s finally cold enough here to enjoy a nice cup. Ever since ditching coffee a few weeks back (shocking, I know!) I’ve been SOOOO ready for hot chocolate. Here are a few delicious hot chocolate recipes that I can’t help but share! Click the pictures below and support these amazing blogs! Continue reading Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes!

Eating Healthy At Work

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the time (or budget) to hit up Panera, Trader Joes, or Whole Foods during lunch to grab a healthy bite to eat. Heck, I work in an industrial part of town where there is very little food around! Eating healthy at work doesn’t have to be hard! Here are a few things I do that make it easy for me to stay on track during the day.

Healthy work veggies

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Fitness Beauty Products

I love posts like these because I get to share all of my favorite products with you! On the rare occasion that I get, I like to try out a new class or studio and hit up lunch afterwards. Depending on the workout, sometimes you come out looking a little worse for wear. These are some of the products that I like to use to freshen up after a workout or when I’m short for time.

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