My Tone It Up Experience!

They say that fitness is so much easier when you find your tribe. I’ve got to say that is SO TRUE! When I got connected to the Tone It Up community I became a stronger person physically and mentally. Here’s just a little bit about my experience with Tone It Up!

Tone It UP
Karena & Katrina
What Is Tone It Up?

So basically, Tone It Up is a fitness program with developed by two “trainers” Karena and Katrina. There is a free and a membership option to their program. It’s very easy to follow with printouts and YouTube videos.

Like many other fitness companies, they have their own brand of products such as protein, active wear, jewelry, as well as premium workouts that are available for purchase.┬áTone It Up releases free weekly workout schedules so you don’t have to do any of the planning! They also mix it up with Daily Moves which are basic exercises you can sprinkle into you day. By signing up to be a member, you get all this as well as their meal plan. They frequently have updates to these meal plans and members only pay once and receive all future updates for free. Members also can go on fitness retreats and get first dibs on products and sales.

How I Stumbled Into Tone It Up

I actually found tone it up through a hashtag on Instagram. I was following a girl who had similar interests and she mentioned it on a few of her posts. I googled it and I was taken to their web page where I was all their workout schedules. This was the best thing you could put in front of me because when I found Tone It Up, I was still unsure of what workouts I liked and how to mix it up. It was nice to have someone do all the work for me!

I began to follow more girls on Instagram that followed the workouts and I began to make real friends through working out! Not only were these girls cheering me on through workouts, but they were there through all parts of my life!

I purchased the membership earlier this year and by using their meal plan, I began to experiment with healthier foods. Personally, I do modify their plans and add a bit more food for my days because I know my body and I don’t like to be hungry. I also do heavy cardio and know I need additional protein for my diet. Even then, I began to see changes in my body. During the summer, I followed their Bikini Body challenge and really saw changes. By incorporating changes in my diet, I saw changes instantly.

Tone It Up Community

I believe Tone It Up is a good community. I have friends that are teachers, yoga/pilates instructors, doctors, college ministry directors and all different lifestyles who follow Tone It Up. I think this fitness community is different because there is just so much love. Karen and Katrina really push confidence and lifting others up as part of the program. Some of the girls I’ve met in the Tone It Up community are the nicest girls I’ve ever met. I’ve been through injury and low parts in life and have some of the sweetest comments from these girls.

If you are looking for a good fitness community that will help you reach your goals and encourage you along the way, I would definitely recommend Tone It Up. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them!

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