My Favorite Cookbooks!

As you guys may already know, I like to cook! I love stumbling upon some recipes and trying them out. One of my favorite things to do when I’m at the library is scour the cookbook section and see if anything catches my eye. I don’t currently own too many cookbooks but these three are truly some of my favorite cookbooks!

Snack Girl To The Rescue!

This was one of my first cookbooks. Lisa Cain wrote this cookbook because she knows that many of us gravitate toward comfort foods. Her recipes are simple and she remakes certain foods with healthier ingredients. She does plenty of research into sugar alternatives and what’s currently on the market. She writes articles on her website that really make you think! Sometimes something that is marketed as healthy is anything but! Check out her website and some of her recipes.

Dashing Dish

Katie Ferrell is such a sweet girl! I actually stumbled upon her devotional about leading a healthy life for God. She also has a cookbook with a lot of delicious and filling food that tastes amazing! I like her recipes because they remind you of family dinners while keeping it on the healthier side. She has a membership website with plenty of recipes and even a few free recipes to try! Her seasonal stuff is delicious!


How do I even describe Chrissy Teigan? She’s a supermodel known for her witty and sarcastic comments and her cookbook is true to her image! Now her foods aren’t necessarily on the healthy side (shocker!) but she doesn’t have very interesting dishes. Her biscuits and gravy recipe is to die for and my husband asks for it almost every week. I would definitely recommend this cookbook even if you just need a chuckle.

These are three of my favorite cookbooks and I like to sprinkle them in throughout my week! I’m all about moderation and I think this mix of cookbooks show that. Each picture is clickable and will send you to Amazon. I get a small proceed of each purchase.

What are some of your favorite cookbooks or recipes?

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