Looking Forward To A New Season Of Running

My light bill is through the roof, my glass is dying, and the “feels like” temperature is consistently in the triple digits, it’s August y’all! I’m going to be a Debbie Downer and just say I’m over it being this hot. Every day, I try to get as much done as possible before the sun comes up. The heat is stifling and it’s just downright nasty out there.

New Season of Running

However, August also marks the beginning of a new training regimen. I’m very Type A and I crave structure. After my last race in the Spring, I was very adamant about taking a break.  I did go on a few runs but most were short and slower. Now, I’m getting excited because next week I’ll beginning to add the miles and being to push myself. I really believe that I’ve built a good running and strength training base to be able to run a half marathon under two hours at the end of October.

Since I’m really focusing on running a strong race, I’m going to devote more time towards running. I have some strength training planned each week but if my legs are too tired, I’ll take the evening to relax. Foam rolling and stretching will also be a high priority during these next few weeks!

Here’s the Google calendar that shows my training plan along with some other fitness events I’m planning on attending. It looks like a lot but there’s only five runs a week and two crosstraining days. Rest days will be complete rest days with absolutely no workouts. If you workout during a rest day, it’s not a real rest day people!

Here’s a few things I want to remember during training:

  1. Be smart and take rest days when everything hurts
  2. Now’s not the time to go hard when it comes to lifting
  3. Mind over matter. Your legs can do it, just shut up and run
  4. You can’t do everything so pick and choose what you want to do

That’s just a glimpse into my crazy running habit! There’s some stuff scattered in there and I just know that I won’t get to run that day but I’m not going to worry about it. Ultimately, I run because I think it’s fun and I want to continue to have fun during my training.

Have you ever done a half-marathon before?


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  1. I love seeing others workouts and training plans! I’m excited for the weather to cool down so I can run more comfortably soon. I hate running in the heat of summer so fall is my favorite.

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