Long Run Playlist!

As we get ready for the weekend, I know many runners are gearing up for their long run. During my runs, I’ll often switch between podcasts and music. Occasionally, I’ll run without music but that’s been rare lately. I figured I should share a few songs that are currently on my long run playlist.

Long Run Playlist

I get bored pretty easily with music so I rotate between a few lists on my phone. I actually use Groove Music but I’ll get ideas from Spotify and my friend’s profiles. If you don’t have a preference on your music, you can also pick Spotify’s running playlist which picks music based on the tempo you are running.

Building a good long run playlist is all about keeping yourself mentally stimulated. As a musician myself, I absolutely cannot run with slow tempo music. While there are a few slower songs on this one, I try to limit them because it bores me to death. You do not want to be bored during your long run because you may slack on form and get injured.

A good thing to remember is that you’re supposed to be pushing yourself but not be completely uncomfortable. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood or something that lifts your spirits. If you can sing along, that’s even better! A fun playlist will get you excited for your run.

Most of my long runs vary between one or two hours but I kept this playlist short so you can add some of your favorites. This playlist is a mix of new and older music and various genres. Give it a listen and see if you like it!

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