Labor Day Weekend!

Well, it is technically a three day weekend but I have been off for the whole thanks to Harvey.

Most local businesses are now open although there are a few still recovering. Once the roads began to clear and all the high water began to recede, I began to venture out to help.

I donated to multiple charities and went to a bunch of donation only classes to get moving while doing some good. By Saturday, I was tired but happy.


Saturday was my first real run in a while. All the mindless eating and laying around the house made me feel so sluggish. I did workout a bit while we waited for the storm to pass but it wasn’t as hard as my normal workouts. This meant returning to crosstraining and running was HARD.

After a sad attempt to run, we went off to Chick Fil A to get some breakfast. Y’all, our neighborhood Chick Fil A is awesome. They were closed for most of the week because they had been preparing free meals for all the first responders in the city. Once they did open to the public, they were packed! We get breakfast early so it wasn’t busy.

Yes, my breakfast isn’t “healthy” but this is one of those times where I pick memories over macros. I enjoy these breakfasts with my husband where we talking about everything under the sun. It’s my favorite thing to do to start our weekend.

We got sucked into Law and Order SVU during the hurricane. Since we found out all the seasons are on Hulu, Jordan has been obsessed. He really loves Detective Stabler. We watched a few episodes before getting cleaned up.

I noticed we still had a few free movie tickets left over from Christmas so we decided it would be good to go on a date. Our part of town was still under curfew but Saturday was one of the first days that kind of felt normal. I think Saturday was the first day the movie theater was open since the storm. We watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard and definitely laughed a bit. I know it seems silly but it was nice to feel normal for a little bit.

After the movie, we walked around Target for a bit. The Super Target in our neighborhood has just been remodeled so we checked out all of the new features. Who doesn’t love to wander around Target?

Our neighborhood is steadily growing! They just opened a Pappas BBQ too. We stopped by and even though there was a wait, the food was worth it. You can probably tell from my eating choices why my workouts have been so hard. I promise, I’ll do better this week, haha!


We went to the park and I did an interval run around the lake. The floods meant the lake spilled over the banks quite a bit. By Sunday the water had gone down enough that the main loop was accessible.

For some reason, none of the Starbucks in the area have reopened. Even the one in Super Target was closed. I had to settle with a coffee from McDonald’s. Although, it seems like our neighborhood McDonald’s is a popular place for breakfast for retired citizens of Pasadena, lol.

Church was so amazing. I was honestly a sobbing mess y’all. I feel so SO guilty as we drove around town to see piles of people’s lives in the street. So many of our friends were devastated and while we didn’t really have any damage, it was terrifying to look out my bedroom window and see a river. Our church is so amazing though. As soon as roads were clear enough, members of our church helped clean houses. THOUSANDS of meals were made and given to the community. Supplies were passed out to those in need. There was such an out pouring of love to our community and I am just in awe of how great people are.

That afternoon, Jordan and I wanted to get out of the house so we went to the mall. Even though it still feels like summer in Houston, I am looking for a bomber jacket! I saw Lady Gaga’s line at Macy’s and I really liked her bomber jacket but the fit was awkward on me. There was one similar but I plan on looking some more.

Also, what’s a trip to the mall without a stop at Cinnabon? When Jordan and I were dating and lived on different parts of town, we would have a mall and movie date and we would share a cinnamon roll. It was really sweet since we would have to go weeks without seeing each other. We would cram in weeks of dating into one day or so a month. It was tough but really worth it in the end.


I am excited to head back to spin class today for a charity ride! After my morning workout, my day will be some last minute chores and relaxation.

While I may be dreading going back to work tomorrow, I am looking forward to getting back to my routine after this mess.

Hope you are having a great extended weekend! Any special plans for today?

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend!”

  1. Oh my goodness that sandwich from Papasitos looks awesome. I’m clearly ordering the wrong thing when I go. I’m so glad y’all are okay. Hurricane Harvey was such a scary event. I’m so glad Chick-Fil-A helped. Now, I feel less guilty about stopping there for lunch tomorrow.

    1. For sure! Chick Fil A helped so many all over the Houston area. It’s been great to see so many businesses help the community!

    1. We have really been working on being intentional with our time together so it’s been great. It’s like the dating phase all over again!

  2. Girl, I’ve totally been thinking of ya. I’m glad you were relatively unaffected. But I’m SO sorry to hear about all of your neighbors and friends! xo

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