How To Stay In Your Own Lane

How To Stay In Your Own Lane

You may have heard the saying before “Stay in your own lane.” I’ve heard it in terms of starting your own business but honestly it applies to all parts of your life. With Facebook and Instagram, it’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap and start to feel like we are missing out on life experiences or simply that we are not good enough. I’m here to tell you that all of that is a big piece of do-do.

How To Stay In Your Own Lane

I get it. It’s hard to get started on your own fitness journey. There’s so many gyms, programs, classes to pick from. Not to mention, when are you going to find the time? Now you get on Instagram and see a mom of five kids who works full time and runs a marathons and lift weights and looks perfect doing it. I mean, come on!

Everything people put online is a highlight reel. There’s not many people that will post about how they had a meltdown at work because stuff wasn’t working correctly. There isn’t a week where I don’t spill my coffee in a disastrous way but I don’t post that on social media. People post only what they want you to see.

It’s that time of year where gym memberships go on sale and the topic of New Year’s Resolutions starts easing its way into conversations. I’m all for creating goals to better yourself and if that’s how you get motivated, then go for it! However, I have the following tips for you to help you stay in your own lane.

Remember that everyone is in different seasons of life

Getting up and hitting the road for a morning run is MUCH easier to me now than it was two years ago. I understand the work required to reach my goal so it’s not a struggle for me anymore. However, when I first began my fitness journey, it would take a lot of motivation to get ready for a run. Remind yourself that you are a beginner and that that’s okay! You are slowly building the base you need for your journey.

Set a key goal and create smaller goals that will help you reach that key goal

Whether it’s to run one mile without stopping or lose a certain amount of weight, set out a few small goals to help you build the habit you need. If you want to run one mile without stopping by summer time next year, set a small goal of getting out and walking/jogging three times a week. When you meet those small goals diligently, you will begin to get stronger and gain the endurance you need to run that mile without stopping.

Find people who motivate you, not people who make you feel bad

I have a good mix of friends. Some prefer weight lifting to running. Others can run circles around me. However, I look up to these women and see what makes them successful. What daily habits do they incorporate in their lives that makes them good at what they do? I don’t compare my talents to their but I try to learn from them. Find someone who you can look up to and think of them to light a little fire inside of yourself when you’re just not feeling it.

Learn about the human mind

If you’re an analytical person like me, learning about why people do the things they do serves as a big motivator. I’m currently listening to the book “Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. It’s truly amazing to hear case studies of the world’s most successful athletes and musicians and what made them that way. Reading books about this and habit building helps me shape my routine so I create habits that are ingrained in my body and help me reach my bigger goals. Even if you aren’t getting started in your fitness journey, I would recommend this book to give you a new perspective on perseverance.

I hope these tips help you practice some grace and help you stay in your own lane. Don’t fall into the comparison trap and know that your journey is just as important as everyone elses!

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