My Experience With The Peloton Bike

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve received my Peloton bike. I have to say that I love it! It’s been absolutely a time saver for me to have access to a great workout in my home. Here’s a bit of a breakdown of the bike, the system, and my experience with it.


When I first got into group fitness, I would attend a spin class multiple times a week. However my running goals changed so my workouts did too. I reduced the amount of spin classes I attended in favor of hitting the weights. I live in the suburbs so the closest studio is about thirty minutes away from me. With rush hour traffic and the limited class schedule, it’s usually something I have to plan in advance. While I enjoy hitting up a class occasionally with a friend, it was something I didn’t necessary prioritize.

Seen here, the bike can be set up virtually anywhere in your home.

That’s where the Peloton bike comes in! I had actually researched this bike a couple of years ago. The ability to take a spin class in your home whenever you had time sounds like a GREAT idea for me. I know that most days I would rather go home than head to the gym but having this at home gets rid of any excuse! Jordan and I recently received raises and since we paid off some debts, we could now afford it.

Peloton Bike
The Peloton showroom in the Houston Galleria!

Jordan and I visited the Peloton showroom a few weeks ago to get a better look. Jordan wanted to make sure the bike was durable and that it would be something I liked. The sales staff showed me all the pieces and even offered to let me take a class to give it a try! I passed on the class but I knew I was ready to take the leap.

The delivery and installation was simple and with a few updates, I was ready for my first class. With the Peloton bike, you have the ability to stream thousands of classes or jump into a live class in the NYC studio. The instructors are very high energy and I loved that they pay attention to those taking the live class at home. On my first live class, one of my favorite instructors even gave me a personal shout out. Peloton does everything they can to make the home riders feel engaged.

Immediately, I was hooked. Even on easier/recovery days I have the option to take a low intensity class to flush out my legs. I can take a quick class while dinner is in the oven and be done just in time for Jordan to get home from work. I don’t have to deal with traffic and I don’t have to worry about cancellation fees. If I wake up and feel miserable (I did Saturday) I can skip the workout and opt for one of their stretching or yoga routines available on their platform.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I use my bike a lot. I’m not training for a particular race yet but I do think that this will be very beneficial in my training. The Peloton bike is ideal if you want to round out your home gym or if you just need some extra motivation to get moving!

Do you have a stationary bike at home? Have you ever tried the Peloton bike? 

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