Emergency Snack Kit

Emergency Snack Kit!

Do you work a 9-5 where you’re stuck at your desk for the majority of your day? Are you always on the go? Whichever situation applies to you, I’m sure you’ve faced that dreaded afternoon craving! I eat many small meals throughout the day. However, sometimes I forget to bring a snack to work. That’s precisely the reason I decided to create an emergency snack kit!

Emergency Snack Kit

I work in Construction but I’m at my desk 90% of the time. My diet consists of many fresh fruit and veggies so I’ll usually have plenty of those with me for the day. However, I know not many people have that option so my snack kit is made of many goodies you can stock up on!

Aldi Elevation Bars

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Aldi is my jam! I truly wish there was an Aldi near by when our budget was tight because everything here is affordable. Aldi has branched out with their Elevation products which offer protein powders, fruit and nut bars, as well as protein bars.

This bar is packs the same benefits as more popular brand name bars. The chocolate and peanut butter bar almost tastes like a dessert. With 20 grams of protein, this is a great snack to keep your hunger at bay.

Emergency Snack Kit

Gomacro Bars

I’ve seen these all over health stores and on social media. These bars are vegan so that’s a big plus! I’m a big peanut butter lover and this bar is so delicious without being overly sweet. Made with all organic ingredients, you know you’re getting a high quality product!

There’s many different flavors so I would grab one of each. You can order a sample pack online so you can give them all a shot! This is a great way to stock up so you can always be ready when the hunger strikes!

Em+Pact Energy Bars

This bar caught my eye! It’s color packaging made me pick it up and check it out. These bars are smaller than most of the ones in the health aisle but they sure pack a punch! You get 10 grams of protein in each bar and all the bars are made from real ingredients. No weird colors or additives in these bars! A neat thing about these bars is that they are marketed towards women and helping them live a healthier lifestyle!

Emergency Snack Kit

Purely Elizabeth Granola

If you’re lucky to have a mini fridge or you trust the company fridge with your almond milk, pick up a few of these! Purely Elizabeth has made easy on-the-go packages of their granola. I really love this because you know how much you’re getting in each little pack. Plus, you can pour the milk right into these and enjoy. I usually have these when I’m feeling particularly ravenous in the afternoon.

Emergency Snack Kit

Do you have an emergency snack kit? What are some of your favorite goodies to keep on hand?


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