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Eat Healthy, Eat Enlightened!

I received the following product free of charge in order to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own.

Eat Enlightened

If you don’t know me in person, you may not know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. It’s a wonder all my teeth aren’t rotten, haha! However, I do strive to eat well so I’ll limit my consumption of sweets and only have some if I really, REALLY want it. When I found out about Enlightened ice cream bars, I was ecstatic!

In our grocery store, you have to pass the ice cream treats to get to the milk. This is pure TORTURE! I’ll admit, I’ll find myself slowing down to look at them and drool a bit. In this case, Enlightened ice cream bars caught my eye. I had to find out what was so different about them.

Eat Enlightened

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that each bar is under 100 calories. Even though it’s low calorie, it’s still a good sized bar so you have plenty of ice cream to be satisfied. Another great thing I noticed was that each bar had a good amount of protein! As someone who is tracking macros, this is awesome because you can enjoy this treat.

Eat Enlightened

I decided to give these ice cream bars a shot so I picked up a box of the Frozen Hot Cocoa and the Fudge bars. Each box has four ice cream bars and like I mentioned before, they are a pretty good size. I tried out the Frozen Hot Cocoa one first and I loved that it had little marshmallow bits mixed in. Each bar was rich and creamy without being too sweet. Enlightened sweetens their bars with monk fruit so it’s not loaded with sugar.

The fudge bar is a great alternative to your traditional fudge bars. I will definitely pick up more boxes of these. It didn’t leave me with a weird aftertaste that the traditional fudge bars do. I enjoyed a bar after dinner and even my hubby said they looked delicious.

Eat Enlightened

Overall, I have to say I’m a HUGE fan of Enlightened Ice Cream Bars. There’s so many different flavors to try and they have ice cream pints and snacks too! If you’re looking for a healthier option of your favorites, give them a try!

Check out their website and see which store carries them near you!

2 thoughts on “Eat Healthy, Eat Enlightened!”

  1. I never tried this brand but def will have to! I love all thee healthy ice creams .. I am a BIG ice cream lover and can eat it all day everyday so if there are healthy ones then I def want them 🙂 The frozen hot cocoa sounds delish!

    1. Me too! I go through phases where I can eat an ice cream cone every day, lol. What I love about these bars is that you truly get a good portion while still keeping it healthy. Some “healthy” treats are so tiny that it’s kind of depressing.

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