Diva Half Marathon Recap!

I want to start this off by saying that while I did have a good race, I am sure glad it’s over! Next weekend, I am definitely getting new running shoes because these are WORN OUT.


Jordan and I were off to Galveston early on Saturday to pick up my packet. The race boutique had some neat shops but I didn’t find what I was looking for.diva


There’s a cool juice and smoothie place on the island and we stopped by shortly after pick up. I was so excited when Jordan got a smoothie too. Mine turned out really good!

On our way home, we stopped by our local running store. I bought some socks to see if it would alleviate my blister issue. The inside of my left foot has been getting blistered a lot lately. My friend also reminded me that it’s been a while since I purchased my pair of shoes. After the race, I vowed to get new shoes since these have over 100 miles on them.


This is where it gets crazy. The weather in Galveston did a 180 overnight. The race was scheduled for a 6:35 start time to avoid the sun and heat that usually takes place in April.  Galveston had other ideas. Overnight the temperature dropped to the mid-50s and there was crazy winds that were 25 mph.

divaWhen we got to the place, I was so cold that I couldn’t stop shivering. I used the race shirt as a barrier since I was planning to wear a tank top during the race. I still had high hopes and was praying that the weather would be different when the sun started to rise.

While waiting at the start line, I bumped into another runner from Instagram! It was really sweet meeting her since we had both been training for our first marathon earlier this year. I didn’t snap a picture of us since the race was minutes from starting but her hug was just the positivity I needed at that moment.

So the best way to describe this race is, steady pace with a mini-breakdown that latest about two miles. My plan for this race was to finish under two hours or plan B was to finish at around two hours and ten minutes. I was hoping the cooler weather would help but I didn’t account for the super crazy winds. The first seven miles, I found my groove with two other girls. We were running a steady pace of 9:30 and I knew if I stuck with them, I would make it. Once we hit the seawall, the wind was harsh but I felt it was worse once we started running through neighborhoods. The wind went from hitting us in the side to smacking us right in the face.

Mile 8 is where I took my first walk break. I lost my two girls and I just couldn’t deal with the wind. Now remember, it’s still chilly and the sun wasn’t all the way up. So basically I’m getting hit with 50 degree wind at about 25 mph. I was so DONE. I started doing math in my head and I (incorrectly) texted my husband that I wasn’t going to make it.

I got to mile 10 and 11 and started hyperventilating. I asked Jordan to come meet me and walk me in. It wasn’t ideal but I wanted to finish. As soon as I saw him, I began to sob but then the wonderful group of ladies I was with started encouraging me. Many ran by me and told me to keep going as I was almost there. It kind of hit me that the weather was beating everyone up, not just me. At the moment, we were running straight into the wind. They were all so sweet and kept encouraging me. My husband stayed with me for a while and technically ended up running the 5K course. He told me to start running and head for the finish line. After that fiasco, I found strength deep within me and picked up my pace.

I actual ended up finishing around the same pace I ran the first half of the race with. My split were relatively steady with the exception of those miles. I found that to be super surprising with all the texting and diva moments I had! I had a girl at the finish line hug me and told me that she was so proud of me for finishing. She had witness my sobbing moment at mile 11 but she knew I could do it. I ended up getting my personal record of 2:15 so I am VERY proud of myself. I’m a little embarrassed that I cried (and messed up my math) but honestly it was a hard day for everyone so I’m proud of my finish!

divaAfter the race, I caught up with Jordan and I gave him the biggest hug. He really supports me through anything and it was just awesome to see him run along side me and help me finish. I ended up getting another blister on my foot so I waddled for the rest of the day. We stopped at Buc-cee’s for my tradition of a pickle after a race. After long races like that I’m usually so hungry!

diva Since I got my PR, I really wanted to get another tattoo. During marathon training, a specific quote stuck with me. This year has been so good to me an d I’ve seen so much growth. I felt inspired by seeing so many women as this race just give it their all in spite of the elements. That afternoon, I hobbled to the tattoo shop for some fresh ink!

divaI felt like my leg was the appropriate place for it since running has taken me so many places this past year. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m in love! Now, I have to get ready for swing suit season to show it off, haha!

I’m starting off the Bikini Series Tone It Up challenge this week so I’m exited to get my nutrition right. I had a quick meal prep Sunday evening after much resting from the race. It’s basically tradition to nap after a race like that. My body needed it.


How was your weekend? Did you have crazy weather where you live?

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