Couch Potato Weekend!

It’s been exactly one week after my race and I’m already getting antsy. Will this feeling ever go away? I’m definitely addicted to running.
Before my race, I had been having some issues with my hip. Ultimately, I think it’s due to weakness in my muscles and IT Band tightness. I plan to spend another week without running and plenty of rehab to see how my hip is healing up. This isn’t stopping me from researching races and new training plans though! I’m super thankful that I’m working on the Tone It Up Bikini Series at the moment because it’s giving me a good mix of strength training and cardio (speed walking for me!) to keep me busy. 


I got to sleep in for the first time in weeks! It was so nice. While I do love training and getting out for a run, it does feel nice to sleep in some times. My shipment from Teavana arrived Friday so I sipped on some delicious tea. Loose leaf tea is new to me but this Perfect Cup Tea Maker is great for newbies! My husband loved the way our kitchen smelled after I made the tea.

Since the race left me with a few gross blisters, we decided to get me a new pair of shoes. It had been a solid six months with high mileage and no rotation which left me with really worn out shoes. After some testing and walking in them, I decided to give New Balance a shot! I have a bit of a wider foot and I need all the support I can get so it was a good fit. I’m so thankful that we have a running store near us! Making friends at the running store is so worth it because they can see how you run and recommend shoes that will keep you injury free!

Since May is already looking to be a crazy month for me (like how is my calendar 50% full already?) we decided to be couch potatoes and relax all weekend. Jordan and I don’t really watch TV regularly but we find shoes to binge. We like go pick shows that are old or have a couple of seasons down to really get into it. A few years ago, I got the complete series of Dexter for my husband. We decided to restart it this weekend so that’s what we’re currently bringing on!


We decided to take a walk on Sunday morning so I could try out my shoes. They fit well and I could already tell the difference in support between New Balance and my old shoes. Our running store has a 30 Day Return policy so I’ll definitely give them a good try and decided whether to stay with this brand or switch back to Brooks!

First time trying this coffee and I’m in love!

Our church is currently doing an awesome series on Dynamic Families. Jordan got dragged to my church when we first started dating and he never left, haha! It’s such a welcoming church and they have a positive presence in the neighborhood. Series like these really power me up because this week’s sermon was about how women have such a quiet and powerful influence in the family.
Y’all, no matter what you believe, it’s hard to deny that women are FREAKING AMAZING. I see moms every day hustling and making ends meet whether it’s a job they love or crappy nine to five. THEN they come home and love on their kids and spouse and keep their house from collapsing. I know girls who are BUSTING THEIR BUTT to get through school, trying to have a social life, and take care of themselves physically.

Their hustle is different but these two ladies are so AMAZING.

Women have many roles in many different part of lives. I’m not a mother yet but I take care of my house and strive to succeed in my career. I know some awesome mommas that I look up to and hope to be just a small percentage of what they are. Oh and don’t even get me started on single moms. GIRL!

I left church feeling all kinds of awesome. We did some more couch potato-ing and relaxed for the afternoon. I opted for a smaller meal prep this week so I was done early in the evening. I’m ready to conquer this week and be productive!

What’s the last TV show you binged?

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    1. I’ve heard great things about this show! I think I’ll have to look into Amazon Prime and check out their shows!

    1. We started out with Hulu a long time ago so most of our shows are on that. It’s fairly inexpensive and they add great shows every month! Nashville is a good one to get into but the recent season has been hit or miss. You can skip over the singing and still enjoy it lol

  1. What tea is that? I recently left my job at Starbucks to stay at home with my son and I’m looking to drink more tea and less coffee. (Although I could have used an IV on this, my first morning at home in my new job! ;))

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