Celebration Weekend!

I had such a blast this weekend! It was a weekend filled with great workouts, awesome friends and delicious food!

Celebrating the birthday girl at Soulcycle!

There’s nothing like celebrating your birthday with a fun spin class at Soul Cycle! I met up with two of my good friends Ally and Alyssa. It was Alyssa’s Birthday and we had to celebrate in style. Spin class is always fun but when you have your girls with you and the music is right, you just let loose and have fun! The studio knew it was Alyssa’s Birthday and they surprised her with a cupcake and a cute picture at the end of class. It was really sweet!

After spin class, you eat brunch of course! Ally is the master planner of the group and she suggested a place called Snooze Eatery. It’s popular in Austin and the Houston location seemed very popular too! They had a mix of sweet and savory meals. I opted for an egg white tofu scramble and it was delicious! Brunch is definitely necessary after an early morning spin class.

After spending the morning with my girls, Jordan and I went off to see the new Fast and the Furious movie. We both left a bit underwhelmed. After so many movies, it had to happen but we still enjoyed watching them all!

My new obsession!

I had inadvertently signed up for three spin class last week so my legs were TIRED. I foam rolled as much as I could but my sweet husband took me to Lush and spoiled me. The smell of that store is heavenly! I bought a few bath bombs and this cleanser. I was able to enjoy my glitter bomb Saturday night and gave my legs a break.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this!

Due to being crazy busy at work and just not getting myself together, I didn’t make any fancy reservation for Easter. Luckily, my husband didn’t mind heading to Rudy’s after church. Church was so amazing! It was packed and the music was on point. I got to see an old family friend and pray with them. They are moving to Dallas soon so I am stealing every moment with them I can get!

After church and lunch at Rudy’s, we had a lazy day. I opted to make a huge pot of chilli for meal prep and to eat everything else left in the fridge for snacks. Work has me traveling a bit this week but I’m hoping to not have to buy food on the road this week. The struggle is real!

I have been enjoying trying out recipes from my cookbook! Every recipe is rich and full of flavor. Cooking makes me happy but I really love when I make delicious food for Jordan. Especially when he eats my vision of food he used to hate! This guy is eating veggies left and right and not complaining. That’s a miracle y’all!

This week, I’ll be prepping for my half-marathon! I’m aiming for a personal record but I’ll be glad for a good finish. My hip has been tight lately so I’ll be taking a small break from running after my race to regain flexibility. Wish me luck!

How was your Easter weekend?

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