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Running With Friends Makes You A Better Runner

Are you a lone wolf runner? Do you use running as your time to get away from the stress of life? I used to be the same way. My mornings were where I would take time for myself and run without a worry in the world. However, I believe you should make an effort to run with friends at least once a week.

There’s so many ways to find a group of runners in your area. Local running stores tend to host group runs and if you live in a big city, you’re bound to find running groups that fit your schedule. With social media, it’s easy to make relationships with other runners and meet up for runs. Safety first of course! Here’s a few reasons why I believe running with friends make you a better runner. Continue reading Running With Friends Makes You A Better Runner

Stride Box Goodies!

I’m coming at you guys with yet another subscription box. I received this one as a Christmas gift, and I LOVE IT! Stride Box is a subscription box that is curated monthly with amazing goodies and products that runners would love. I’ve read awesome things about it and I knew that I would fall in love. StrideBox¬†will send you snacks and fuel to help you power through your runs. I wanted to share the goodies that i got this month!

Continue reading Stride Box Goodies!