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The Weekend With The Tone It Up Tour!

Oh my word, it’s been such a wild but fun weekend. I totally overslept this morning and I’m kind of wishing I had another weekend to recover! Even though I am exhausted, I got to spend the weekend with so many amazing people and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My weekend kicked off with an eight mile run! I have been neglecting my long runs due to many reasons but I was sure to get it in this week. Weirdly enough, I was wide awake by 6AM and so was Jordan so we jumped out of bed and were on the road before the sun was up.

I finished running as the sun was coming up and I was a mess. The humidity has been wild here so it’s basically still summer time running in Texas. After our run, Jordan and I had our Chick Fil A breakfast date and I began to get ready for an Arbonne party my friend was hosting!

It was so great to catch up with friends and learn about cool products. My friend Megan hosted the party and her husband Kyle made so many vegan goodies. I had a tempeh panini that was to die for! I’m sure Jordan would have eaten it without a second thought.

After the party, I ran home to pick up Jordan and we were off to the mall to support Coppelia! She’s a fellow blogger and radio personality who was hosting an event at Macy’s. We caught the end of it but I was so glad to be able to stop by and cheer her on. She’s truly a great person and we love listening to her on the radio!

As if my Saturday wasn’t crazy enough, Jordan and I then went to the movies! We wanted to try out the new reclining theater seats that Cinemark has been advertising but the one close to our house doesn’t have them yet. Since we were in the area for Coppelia’s event, we tried a theater that did have it. However, once we got in our seats, we found out the air wasn’t working. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad and Jordan and I enjoyed the whole movie. We watched the new Kinsman movie and loved it! Thankfully, we received rain checks from the theater so we will come back and enjoy the seats again! They also vibrate a bit during some parts of the movie so Jordan loved that during the actions scenes!


I’ve written about Tone It Up on the blog before. I’m not a HUGE follower now since I’ve moved more toward weight lifting and running but I did learn so much about fitness through their program. Tone It Up currently has been on tour across the US and they had a stop in Houston this week. I was chosen to volunteer for a bit and it was a blast!

The event was outside which meant a lot of sunscreen and water. Thankfully, they provided both of those for free. I grabbed both whenever I could and snacks too since there would be a lot of working out!

I helped with registration and welcoming the girls into the festival. It was so fun because I got to see so many beautiful women of many shapes and sizes. I even saw a few that I had connected with online. How cool is that?! The other girls I volunteered with were so fun and so energetic that we all had fun even though we were “working”.

Once check in was done, I was free to explore the festival. The first event was yoga but I skipped that for a massage. It was so nice since my shoulders were sore from the week before. Everyone was so sweet and I made friends in all the lines. I found a few of my Houston friends and we grabbed a quick bite to eat before JIllian Michaels!

Y’all, I know she’s such a badass and will whip you into shape but OH MY GOSH! Even if we weren’t working out in the heat, she still would have killed me. It was so awesome to be front row with her and she even complimented me on my form. I fangirled so hard because she’s so fit and just exudes confidence.

Once her workout was done, I grabbed my fourth bottle of water and waited for the Tone It Up girls. Karena and Katrina lead a workout that definitely had my booty burning. Since it was so hot and the sun was directly above us, I scaled it down. I didn’t want to over do it and I know a few of my friends had already been filling ill due to the heat. It was still a fun and tough workout!

Once all the workouts were complete, we got to enjoy time in the VIP Rose Garden. There were so many snacks like veggie burgers, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, and peanut butter pretzel bites so I was happy! Kelly James, a freestyle music, played some music while we waited for the meet and green with Karena and Katrina. It was quick but they were incredibly nice through it all. The VIP was an added touch for me since I was able to do it for free because I volunteered earlier in the day.

Overall, I escaped the sunburn and had a great time with all my friends! I got so many goodies and a bunch of memories from the Tone It Up tour and just the weekend in general. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and just let myself have fun this weekend!

How was your weekend? Is it hot where you live or did you actually get to enjoy fall weather?

Eat Healthy, Eat Enlightened!

I received the following product free of charge in order to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own.

Eat Enlightened

If you don’t know me in person, you may not know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. It’s a wonder all my teeth aren’t rotten, haha! However, I do strive to eat well so I’ll limit my consumption of sweets and only have some if I really, REALLY want it. When I found out about Enlightened ice cream bars, I was ecstatic!

In our grocery store, you have to pass the ice cream treats to get to the milk. This is pure TORTURE! I’ll admit, I’ll find myself slowing down to look at them and drool a bit. In this case, Enlightened ice cream bars caught my eye. I had to find out what was so different about them.

Eat Enlightened

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that each bar is under 100 calories. Even though it’s low calorie, it’s still a good sized bar so you have plenty of ice cream to be satisfied. Another great thing I noticed was that each bar had a good amount of protein! As someone who is tracking macros, this is awesome because you can enjoy this treat.

Eat Enlightened

I decided to give these ice cream bars a shot so I picked up a box of the Frozen Hot Cocoa and the Fudge bars. Each box has four ice cream bars and like I mentioned before, they are a pretty good size. I tried out the Frozen Hot Cocoa one first and I loved that it had little marshmallow bits mixed in. Each bar was rich and creamy without being too sweet. Enlightened sweetens their bars with monk fruit so it’s not loaded with sugar.

The fudge bar is a great alternative to your traditional fudge bars. I will definitely pick up more boxes of these. It didn’t leave me with a weird aftertaste that the traditional fudge bars do. I enjoyed a bar after dinner and even my hubby said they looked delicious.

Eat Enlightened

Overall, I have to say I’m a HUGE fan of Enlightened Ice Cream Bars. There’s so many different flavors to try and they have ice cream pints and snacks too! If you’re looking for a healthier option of your favorites, give them a try!

Check out their website and see which store carries them near you!

The Weekend of Rest

I was so glad when I looked at my training schedule and saw that this past week was a recovery week. Recovery Week meant shorter runs. That also meant my Saturday was pretty relaxing!


I started my weekend with a run. It was supposed to be a six mile run but I may have pushed myself a bit too much on Thursday. My legs were still sore on Saturday so I settled for a three mile run.

After my run, I figured I would FINALLY wash my dang car. Y’all it has been a hot minute since my poor car has been washed. Since I was sweaty from my run, I really didn’t have an excuse, haha!

The rest of the morning was pretty boring to be honest. However, it was great! Jordan and I really want to watch the new Kinsman movie that comes out this week. So after breakfast, Jordan and I picked up the first movie from our library’s rental service.

Once lunchtime came around, we figured we should clean up and run some errands.

After we finished our errands, we stopped for some Chinese food. I ate way too much Veggie Fried Rice (like always) but it was so good! I’m working on leaning out this next week so I was definitely eating all the carbs this weekend, haha!

I played around with my cute purse and tumbler I bought on Friday. After dinner, Jordan and I strolled around the mall. I needed a small wristlet or wallet for the Tone It Up tour this week. When I saw this pink purse, I just had to have it!


Our Sunday was the usual routine. Church lately has been so amazing. My eyes begin to water when I think of all the volunteer efforts and great things they have done for those affected by the hurricane. They shared that they had prepared around 80,000 hot meals for the community since the Monday after the storm hit. How amazing is that?!

In keeping with eating all the carbs, we stopped for lunch at Mod pizza! Their pizzas are so delicious and I love to try different toppings. We also walked over to Menche’s, the new frozen yogurt place, after lunch for a sweat treat.

Sunday’s are for football and we sure watched a bit! We are big Kansas City Chiefs fans so we really enjoyed the win. It was close but a great game! Jordan and I also caught the Cowboys and Broncos game even with the weather delay. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was young (adopted in the Chiefs family when I married Jordan) but I love Von Miller so it’s tough! He’s an Aggie and while he can be pretty eccentric, he’s a smart guy!

While the Cowboys and Broncos game was on weather delay, I did my meal prep for the week. Since I’ll be volunteering for the Tone It Up tour, I want to look toned. My diet will be clean and limited salt as the week goes on. It isn’t restrictive and since it is only for the week, I’m pretty excited for it!

Did you catch any football games this weekend?

Labor Day Weekend!

Well, it is technically a three day weekend but I have been off for the whole thanks to Harvey.

Most local businesses are now open although there are a few still recovering. Once the roads began to clear and all the high water began to recede, I began to venture out to help.

I donated to multiple charities and went to a bunch of donation only classes to get moving while doing some good. By Saturday, I was tired but happy. Continue reading Labor Day Weekend!

Eating Pure with Purely Elizabeth Granola!

In keeping with the healthy eating theme lately, I’ve decided to share one of my new favorites! I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day but after a while that gets boring. I like to look at other blogs and shop the aisles for inspiration. That’s where I came across Purely Elizabeth granola!

Purely Elizabeth Granola Continue reading Eating Pure with Purely Elizabeth Granola!

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Good Morning! I’m coming at you at a different time than normal but it’s because life has been terribly crazy for the past few weeks. Illnesses and unexpected family emergencies have had me running around like a crazy person. My husband was in the hospital this weekend as well so it’s been tough. Luckily he’s doing much better and he’s home!

It's Okay To Ask For Help Continue reading It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Accel In Motion

I consider myself extremely lucky to know some women who are killing it every day. They work in many different industries but I’m just inspired by what they do. One of them is Megan Eddings. I met this sweet lady though social media! She and her husband, Kyle, created Fitness In The Loop which is an informational hub for all things fitness in the Houston area. Continue reading Accel In Motion