Accel In Motion

I consider myself extremely lucky to know some women who are killing it every day. They work in many different industries but I’m just inspired by what they do. One of them is Megan Eddings. I met this sweet lady though social media! She and her husband, Kyle, created Fitness In The Loop which is an informational hub for all things fitness in the Houston area.Megan recently left corporate America to do her own thing. She’s the brains (and beauty) behind Accel Lifestyle which is a fitness apparel company unlike many out there. Her mission  is to create high quality pieces for men and women “that keep you smelling fresh, all while being socially conscious”.

How awesome would it be to go straight from the gym to grab some drinks with your friends without needing to stay down wind? Or if you like to hang out in your athleisure, you can do so and stay fresh throughout the day. Her line is officially launching later in 2017 but I’ve seen a few of her pieces and I’m already in love!

Accel In Motion

Accel In Motion

Another part of Accel Lifestyle is just that, the lifestyle. As I said before, Megan is such a boss babe but she’s got such a heart of gold. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and she makes friends instantly! Her smile and laughter just lights up any room she’s in. Megan created Accel In Motion, a campaign to write a note of encouragement to a complete stranger while asking them to pay it forward. Just a simple note and maybe a couple of bucks tucked into a windshield on a car or a locker at the gym. We all know that all it takes is a small act of kindness to turn someone’s day around.

When I heard about this campaign, I knew I wanted to be part of it. I’ve had people pay for my drink at Starbucks and I’ve had random sticky notes in bathrooms make me smile. I wanted to be the reason someone felt encouraged and loved even if they had a rough day. A simple letter and a few dollars are what I left on a windshield while at the grocery store. I hope they feel touched and they spread it forward.

Please check out Accel Lifestyle and learn more about Megan’s heart and vision. Also, consider leaving a note for a stranger and sharing #AccelInMotion on all social media platforms!


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