2017: My Year In Running

2017: My Year In Running!

Happy Friday! I came down with a crazy Upper Respiratory Infection this week and it feels like the week has passed by. I’m feeling MUCH better and I’m excited to talk about my year in running!

2017: My Year In Running

2017 got off to a good start. I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON! It’s almost easy for me to forget this because all my training was at the end of last year and the marathon was at the end of February. Running a marathon was something that never seemed possible to me. I couldn’t fathom running for hours on end. While it wasn’t perfect race conditions (unseasonably HOT and it rained for a bit) and I didn’t finish in a time that I guessed I would (finished in over five hours) I am so proud to say that I did it.

The course is great and the volunteers and crowd support is amazing. Running through all the neighborhoods of Houston was something I will never forget. Even when it was quiet and I was counting down the minutes to the end, I am forever grateful for that experience. It taught me so much about myself and how strong my body really is. When I finished and met up with my husband, I bawled like a dang baby. Partly was because I was tired and in pain, but the other part was because I FREAKING DID IT. The countless mornings and miles spent leading up to the race were all worth it. It still feels so surreal but it’s one of my proudest memories.

My second race in 2017 was the Diva’s Half Marathon in Galveston. I took a break from running after the marathon but jumped into a moderate training plan for this race. My legs were much stronger and I felt that I could PR this race. I will admit that I was a bit too optimistic in the sense that I wanted to break the two hour mark.

Of course, the weather was not my friend again and overnight the winds on the island increased dramatically and it went from 70 degrees to 40 overnight. The first half of the race was my strongest but as soon as I rounded the corner and ran head on into the wind, I crumbled. Everything hurt, my face was numb and I was in tears. Jordan met me a mile 11 and ran with me for a while. I wiped the snot off my face and was determined not to give up. I finished the race at 2:15. While it was not the time I was hoping for, I did get a PR!

I spent the rest of the summer strength training and working on mobility. By taking care of my body and doing physical therapy, I felt that I could run stronger and perform better in races down the line. My last race of the year was just before Halloween. The Houston Half Marathon was another local race in downtown. The race course followed part of the Houston Marathon course so I knew what to expect.

FINALLY, the race/weather Gods were on my side. It was in the 40s at the beginning of the race and in the 50s when I finished. My mental power got me through this race and I felt amazing. I ran the entire race, only stopping for water/fuel. In the past, I always stopped for one reason or other but that wasn’t the case this time!

Weirdly enough, this race felt like a breeze. As each mile passed, my pace was consistent. At one point, I even texted Jordan and told him that it was easy and I felt great. The cool weather and the fact that my legs were stronger made the race so enjoyable. This race was another PR with a 2:06 finish!

I worked hard this year to build up the miles and to incorporate more strength training. I feel so proud of myself for all that I have been able to accomplish. This year also brought me many more running friendships. It’s so great to learn from others and get help in places where I hadn’t been able to before.

In 2018, I will be running the Chicago Marathon. I’m excited to chase that marathon distance again and I’m planning to approach my training with a different mindset. 2017 was a GREAT year for me and I’m excited to see what 2018 will hold for me!



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  1. I’ve never been a runner, and your blog is awesome btw Ive loved all of the ones I’ve read so far! I’m glad I found it from a blog I read frequently and good luck at Chicago’s Marathon!

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