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Living in the big city means that I get to have a lot of time in my commute to work. I also have to travel a lot for work within Texas so that means a lot of hours on the road! Recently, I picked up audiobooks but there’s another thing I also picked up: podcasts!
There is all kinds of podcasts available out there for all kinds of topics and I found it awesome app that has different programs available for you to choose. This makes it easier for me because I don’t have to worry about having to download individual podcast or go find them on people’s websites. This app is called PodcastOne and it’s absolve for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Him and Her Podcast

I found this podcast while reading through The Skinny Confidential. I love her blog and just really getting a sneak peek into her life as a lifestyle blogger and influencer. She started her podcast about a year ago and while it started off a little rusty it has progressed into having amazing guests and covering amazing topics!

Once I found her show on PodcastOne I was immediately a fan and loved to tune in every week. I caught up to all her shows and started listening in every Tuesday morning because I knew that she would have amazing topics and her guest stories would be awesome. I love hearing all about her travels and her planning leading up to her marriage with her entrepreneur  husband and co-host. Needless to say The Skinny Confidential podcast is definitely one you want to follow if you’re into learning about the blogging world or just being an entrepreneurial in general. Lauren’s guests range from motivational speakers to entrepreneurs in many fields that will help you get your groove and find out what you really want to do in your personal and professional life.

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The Ladygang

One of my other favorite podcasts is The Ladygang. These three ladies always have me cracking up and they’re honestly the most real people in Hollywood. We always wonder how people in Hollywood look so nice and put together and these guys totally tell all. They have no shame and they’re totally honest on their thoughts about current topics and  celebrities gossip.

Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin are an unlikely trio but they just work really well together. They all have different ties to Hollywood  but you wouldn’t really know it when you listen to their podcast. They get along very well and they just have good chatter between them. Listening to their podcast makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my friends and chatting about the latest celebrity gossip. Their guests are from all different walks of life. They’ve had relationship and therapy experts, beauty moguls, and fashion designers on their podcast. I love that they cover a variety of topics but always keep in tune with what the listeners like!

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The Limit Does Not Exist Podcast

Another one of my favorite podcast is a Forbes podcast. I really love this one because while the other two are great, this one speaks to the nerd in me. The guests on this podcasts are people who merge the scientific community with the arts on a daily basis. They’re for people who are really Human Venn Diagrams. Some people don’t really fit into the mold so it’s awesome to listen to a podcast that celebrates that!

I really love turning in weekly and getting my share of podcasts. I used to  listen while I drive but now I listen on long runs or when I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s such a great way to learn while doing other tasks!

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?

Increasing Your Running Distance

So now that the weather seems to be thawing out, you may start venturing outside. I know so many people want to start running but aren’t really sure how to start. Once you run for a bit, you may be wondering how people can run 10+ miles for enjoyment. I have a couple of tips that I think will help you out!

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Starting Your Running Journey

Once you get out there and have a couple of runs under your belt, you know how your body reacts to it. You may have a good idea at what your natural pace is and how much is to much. Once you have this knowledge, you are definitely in control! Even if you’re currently alternating between running and walking, you’re still on your way!

Here’s what I want you to do. Set a distance or time goal. Whether you are using your phone or you have a GPS watch/fitness tracker, start off with a mile (or ten minutes if you’re going with time). The next time you run, try to go for a little longer, maybe a tenth of a mile. If you’re doing run/walk intervals, try to lengthen your running interval by twenty seconds on each run. Remember to stay in your natural pace, you should be able to hold a conversation while you’re running. If you’re only able to gasp a few words, you’re going too fast. Continue to do this until you feel comfortable and you’re ready to start increasing steadily.

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Running was always so hard for me until I did it properly. Now I can’t live without it!
The 10% Running Rule

This is where you start really pushing forward and adding those miles week to week. I wouldn’t really get to this point until you are fairly comfortable with your running and you run at least three times a week.

When you increase mileage, your body needs to adjust. What many people do is they start out running way too fast and try to tack on the miles quickly. While you may be able to do this a few times, IT WILL BITE YOU IN THE BUTT. Overuse injuries are so common in new runners and so many people I know get shin splints and claim that running is just not for them. Shin splints happen due to many things but overuse is definitely one of the major reasons.

The 10% Running Rule states that you only increase your millage each week by 10%. So if you ran a total of 10 miles this week, next week you would run a total of 11 miles, then 12.1 and so on! Obviously you’ll want to spread these miles out evenly during the week. It may be hard first but your body will adjust and you’ll be able to continue to run longer.

Also, as a tip to continue running longer on individual runs, KEEP IT SLOW! You don’t want to try to run faster when you’re working on distance. They are two separate things and should be trained for separately. Speed work is another story but if you’re just getting started on running, I would recommend the 10% rule with no speed work at a conversational pace.

Are you a runner? Have you tried to pick up running before?

Meatless Monday!

Okay, I know it isn’t Monday but bare with me for a bit. If you’ve been on any health food websites or scrolling through Instagram, you may have seen the phase Meatless Monday. What the heck is that? Well, it’s truly what it sounds like, one day a week (Monday is just for alteration) you choose to give up meat. Some people have their personal rules and give up all animal products and go completely vegan for the day. Continue reading Meatless Monday!

Stride Box Goodies!

I’m coming at you guys with yet another subscription box. I received this one as a Christmas gift, and I LOVE IT! Stride Box is a subscription box that is curated monthly with amazing goodies and products that runners would love. I’ve read awesome things about it and I knew that I would fall in love. StrideBox will send you snacks and fuel to help you power through your runs. I wanted to share the goodies that i got this month!

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How To Start Running!

Does the thought of running make you cringe? Would you rather do anything other than running? Most of the time, people don’t like to run because they gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. Sometimes, they just have no clue where to start and others make it look so easy.
Let me challenge you to give it ONE more try before calling it quits. Whenever I tell people of my insane race ideas or what personal record I’m trying to beat, they usually respond with “I could never do that.” I just want to let you know that yes, you can!

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