Long Anniversary Weekend!

So this blog post is a bit later than planned but I couldn’t help but soak up every moment with my husband this weekend. Do you ever have moments with your loved ones that you just wish wouldn’t end? That was this past weekend for me!

Jordan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 19th. We opted to take a weekend trip to celebrate and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This past weekend consisted of staying in a cozy cabin in Wimberley, Texas, eating a bunch of food, and floating on the Guadalupe river! That’s another thing checked off the summer bucket list!

We ate outdoors on a beautiful wooden table at The Leaning Pear

Our weekend officially started on Friday! We both requested the day off and I was absolutely glad I did because I needed a break from work. Jordan and I went to see Toy Story 3 on our first date so in keeping in the spirit of our relationship, we went to see Cars 3! All of Disney Pixar movies are amazing and this one wasn’t any different. The short before the film, Lou, got us all misty eyed so we new the movie was going to be great! We loved seeing all the old favorites along with some new faces. The female lead was definitely my favorite and I would recommend anyone with a little girl to see this!

Road trip snacks

After the movies, we packed up and we were on the road. Anyone else love going on a road trip as much as I do? I LOVE singing in the car and especially on longer rides because I get a whole playlist set up and go all out, haha! My husband always insists on driving so this gives me the opportunity to dance while I sing. Wimberley is about a three hour drive from Houston so it wasn’t too bad. We also made a pitstop at our favorite place, Buc-ee’s!

Before arriving to our cabin in Wimberley, we made a pit stop at the outlet mall in San Marcos. That mall is HUGE but I really only had one store in mind. My husband was so sweet and wanted to take me to the Lululemon store and buy me a few items as my anniversary present! Y’all, he’s a keeper! While their items are very good quality, I don’t purchase from Lululemon very much because it can get expensive. I found some good deals at the outlet and came out with some good quality pieces!

My dinner was DELICIOUS!

Saturday morning, we enjoyed time in our little cabin. The great thing about Wimberley is that it is in the hill country and the views are AMAZING. This rental property was on the top of a hill so we could see the fields and houses below us. I actually spotted so many deer and wildlife just by standing on our porch and looking down. It was so quiet and absolutely peaceful. Jordan and I just sat there in comfortable silence and enjoyed our drinks.

Loved this swing at our place!

Later in the morning, we were off to Canyon Lake to go float the river on inner tubes! Neither of us had been so we were so excited. The Guadalupe river is a popular river to float in Texas. We opted for a shorter float which lasted about two hours but you can make a whole day of it and float the longer stretch of the river. The weather was in the 90s and the water felt so COLD. It was very refreshing. Jordan and I tied our tubes together with a bungee cord and while most of the river is pretty calm, there are some parts it gets choppy. It was pretty hilarious being tied together and going in circles because one of us was caught in a whirlpool.

All smiles after the river!

After our adventure on the river, we stopped for a quick bite to eat and we were off to the cabin to wash up and nap! Neither of us were sunburned and I count that as a victory because there was not a cloud in the sky on Saturday! The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, watching movies, and enjoying the sunset on the patio. It was really neat to step outside at night and see all the stars in the sky. It was absolutely silent with the exception of the crickets and the wind blowing.

These rocking chairs were perfect in the evenings!

Sunday was the day we had to go back home. It’s always sad because the cabins are so cozy and everything is so dang peaceful. It’s even though for a city girl like me to go back into Houston with a fun weekend like that! Once we got back into town, we picked up our dog from daycare and finished up our weekend chores. I was in bed and sleeping by 7:30! I think it’s safe to say I was worn out, haha!

The day of our actual anniversary was Monday and my sweet husband surprised me! He knew that I was going on a run in the morning so he set out a card for me to find when I woke up. I told y’all he’s a keeper! Throughout the day, we would text each other our favorite dating memories. Jordan recently got his schedule changed at work so now I get to see him on Monday evenings! He used to work late but now he gets home in time for dinner. We shared dinner and ended the evening with a movie. Sweet and simple but I loved it!

Taking Chances In Life

So I’m coming at you with a different kind of post today. We’re talking about taking chances and going for what you want. Every day, I’m sure you’re bombarded with positive mantras and cute messages about living life how you want it and getting what you want. While these are great motivators, I highly most of us are applying this to our lives.

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Movie Weekend and June Goals!

I can’t believe it’s already June! The humidity has hit Houston at full speed so I guess I should get used to frizzy hair and practice my ponytails again.

This weekend was a low key type of weekend. I had a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend but other than that, we just relaxed. Since the past few days we’ve been plagued with storms here in Houston, Jordan and I opted to pick up some movies at RedBox! There were so many movies we needed to catch up on we picked up a few and sprinkled them throughout our weekend. Continue reading Movie Weekend and June Goals!

My Favorite Meditation App!

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Trying New Things!

What a week it’s been! From heading back to Crossfit and celebrating birthdays to spin instructor try outs, it’s been a wild week!

My weekend started with celebrating one of my favorite spin instructors and friends, Riley. Parties at our spin station are always a blast! However, Friday was my fifth day of working out without any breaks so my legs were definitely trashed. Continue reading Trying New Things!

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