How To Stay In Your Own Lane

You may have heard the saying before “Stay in your own lane.” I’ve heard it in terms of starting your own business but honestly it applies to all parts of your life. With Facebook and Instagram, it’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap and start to feel like we are missing out on life experiences or simply that we are not good enough. I’m here to tell you that all of that is a big piece of do-do.

How To Stay In Your Own Lane

I get it. It’s hard to get started on your own fitness journey. There’s so many gyms, programs, classes to pick from. Not to mention, when are you going to find the time? Now you get on Instagram and see a mom of five kids who works full time and runs a marathons and lift weights and looks perfect doing it. I mean, come on!

Everything people put online is a highlight reel. There’s not many people that will post about how they had a meltdown at work because stuff wasn’t working correctly. There isn’t a week where I don’t spill my coffee in a disastrous way but I don’t post that on social media. People post only what they want you to see.

It’s that time of year where gym memberships go on sale and the topic of New Year’s Resolutions starts easing its way into conversations. I’m all for creating goals to better yourself and if that’s how you get motivated, then go for it! However, I have the following tips for you to help you stay in your own lane.

Remember that everyone is in different seasons of life

Getting up and hitting the road for a morning run is MUCH easier to me now than it was two years ago. I understand the work required to reach my goal so it’s not a struggle for me anymore. However, when I first began my fitness journey, it would take a lot of motivation to get ready for a run. Remind yourself that you are a beginner and that that’s okay! You are slowly building the base you need for your journey.

Set a key goal and create smaller goals that will help you reach that key goal

Whether it’s to run one mile without stopping or lose a certain amount of weight, set out a few small goals to help you build the habit you need. If you want to run one mile without stopping by summer time next year, set a small goal of getting out and walking/jogging three times a week. When you meet those small goals diligently, you will begin to get stronger and gain the endurance you need to run that mile without stopping.

Find people who motivate you, not people who make you feel bad

I have a good mix of friends. Some prefer weight lifting to running. Others can run circles around me. However, I look up to these women and see what makes them successful. What daily habits do they incorporate in their lives that makes them good at what they do? I don’t compare my talents to their but I try to learn from them. Find someone who you can look up to and think of them to light a little fire inside of yourself when you’re just not feeling it.

Learn about the human mind

If you’re an analytical person like me, learning about why people do the things they do serves as a big motivator. I’m currently listening to the book “Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. It’s truly amazing to hear case studies of the world’s most successful athletes and musicians and what made them that way. Reading books about this and habit building helps me shape my routine so I create habits that are ingrained in my body and help me reach my bigger goals. Even if you aren’t getting started in your fitness journey, I would recommend this book to give you a new perspective on perseverance.

I hope these tips help you practice some grace and help you stay in your own lane. Don’t fall into the comparison trap and know that your journey is just as important as everyone elses!

The Weekend In Pictures!

Happy Monday! I have WAY to much energy this morning so I’m going to use it to knock things out. It’s a short week due to Thanksgiving so I’m ready to be productive before the feasting begins!

Jordan and I went grocery shopping Friday night and he bought me a half-dozen roses! They bloomed on Saturday morning.
We had a lazy Saturday so I knocked out a spin class mid-morning.
Lazy Saturday meant minimal cooking so I grabbed some Chipotle for lunch!
Jordan had to get an oil change so I watched the mid-season finale. THIS SHOW KILLS ME!
We watched some football and we were glad the Aggies won!
I made a pumpkin pie too and we nibbled at it throughout the weekend.
Sunday morning coffee and Law and Order. I love McDonald’s holiday cups!
After church, we hit up Yard House for lunch with my in-laws.
And because we were at the mall, I had to make a stop at Lush!
Oh, and we picked up one of these and took it home.
Kept it super simple with meal prep this week. It doesn’t look like much but this Mexican soup is DELICIOUS!

Short and sweet weekend for us! I hadn’t been sleeping well the past week and I needed some quiet time so I was glad we took this weekend to relax. We will be visiting my in-laws on Thursday and my mom on Friday. Luckily, everyone is spread around Houston so it won’t be too much travel for us.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week and stay safe!

Coming Back From Injury

It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately. Mostly because of trying to decompress after a fun but exhausting training season. These past twelve weeks have been some of the funnest and also the most challenging to date. I really put my mind to mastering this half-marathon and I couldn’t be happier with my performance. That being said, I also ran my half-marathon with a last minute injury.

Coming Back From Injury

As an athlete, the onset of any type of injury is crushing. Coming from a couch potato background, I have to be smart with increasing mileage and intensity in my workouts. I was also in a horrible car wreck when I was a teenager that did a number on my back. It’s not uncommon for me to bend or sit a certain way and knock my back completely out of wack for days or even weeks. It’s frustrating and I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve cried because of injuries.

However, in the past two years of running and training, I’ve learned that practicing grace in the midst of injury is so important. It’s easy to hit the gym full speed ahead as soon as you get the go ahead from your doctor. Unfortunately, this can lead to getting hurt again.

I wouldn’t necessary recommend starting at square one but I would I scale it back a bit. For example, my back has been giving me problems and while I’m getting better I’m still staying away from deadlifts. When I do feel 100%, I won’t jump back to my normal weight. Since I’ve lost a good deal of mobility and strength, I’ll start with 50% of my weight and see how it feels. It may take weeks to get back to where I used to be pre-injury but it’s a safe way to scale the workout and get moving again.

The same can be done for running. If you had to stop running due to injury, I would start slow. Begin with walk/run intervals until you’re able to run for a whole mile then slowly begin to add miles to your run. It will take a lot of patience but your body will thank you for it.

Another thing about injury, depending on what happened, you may need to give extra attention to it. I know my back will always be a problem so I focus on improving my core strength and stretching my hips and hamstrings since any tightness there leads to tightness in my lower back. A few times a week, I do my old physical therapy workouts and it helps keep me moving. Working on your body’s weaknesses can help you ward off injury in the future.

Overall, be patient! I know it’s the last thing you want to hear and even I roll my eyes when people tell me that. However, sometimes getting injured is our body’s way to tell us to chill out. With time, you will start to feel better and you’ll be back to it!

The Weekend In Pictures!

Good Morning! I had such a fun filled weekend and I hope you had a a great one too! Now that my race is over and I’m not training for anything, most of the weekends will be going with the flow. Trying to enjoy just a bit of time before it gets crazy for the holidays!

The Weekend In Pictures
Saturday morning was warm, humid, and very foggy. This was on my way to the gym.
The Weekend In Pictures
After the gym, I may have planted myself on the couch for a few episodes, haha!
The Weekend In Pictures
Saturday was a big day for me. We purchased a Peloton bike!
The Weekend In Pictures
I have all my goodies and now I just have to wait for the bike to be delivered this week!
The Weekend In Pictures
I wore my Mickey Mouse dress and my mouse shoes to church on Sunday!
The Weekend In Pictures
Torchy’s Tacos for lunch after church!
The Weekend In Pictures
Meal prep was all kinds of muffins for the week!
The Weekend In Pictures
Honestly, I wear my Christmas apron all year long so this isn’t new lol.
The Weekend In Pictures
Watching the Chiefs play while laundry is being done!


Overall, it was a great weekend. I can’t wait for my bike to be delivered this week. I’ll be sharing my experience with the Peloton bike and classes later this month!

How was your weekend?

BarBella Box Review!

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that I’ve tried and reviewed a subscription box for runner called StrideBox! I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes and I’ve tried many different kinds. When I was skimming social media, a new type of box popped up. The BarBella box is a subscription box for women who do crossfit. I knew that I had to give it a try and see what the buzz was all about!

BarBella Box Review

I received October’s box and it was their Breast Cancer Awareness Box! There were so many goodies but my favorite is definitely the sports bra! It has padding on the collar bones so you’re protected from barbell impact. I know that I’m guilty of barbell bruises when I get carried away with my Power Cleans!

BarBella Boz Review

The box also contained thumb grips and WOD Dice to help mix up workouts. Yumbutter is the perfect protein snack to take on the go!

BarBella Box Review

Another goodie in my box was the Brave Bar by Pulse Skincare. After a tough workout my hands can feel dry and tough but this soap is super moisturizing! I love that the BarBella Box is packed with goodies for your workout and recovery!

Have you tried the BarBella Box?

The Weekend With The Race!

Happy Monday friends! It’s been such a great week and weekend full of nice weather and good times. It was also the week of my race! I kept most activity throughout the week low intensity in preparation for my half marathon!

The Weekend With The Race
City hall lit up before the race!

I picked up my bib and packet on Saturday and spent most of the day relaxing. Mostly sitting on the couch and watching Law and Order with a few breaks to stretch and foam roll. I made a conscience effort not to be nervous for my race. For the weeks leading up to the race, I made myself smile and picture a strong finish whenever the race would pop into my mind. It sounds silly but I really believe it’s what helped me have a great race.

The forecast for Sunday morning was around 45 degrees at the start of the race and it would be around 55 degrees when I finished. Since it was close to Halloween, I wanted to wear my Wonder Woman skirt. I made a mad scramble to Target to find a black long sleeve shirt so I wouldn’t be completely frozen on Sunday. However, I was excited because I was finally getting what I wanted: cold weather on race day!

We arrived at the park in Downtown and immediately got in the line for the porta potty. It was moving much slower than I would have liked but I kept me cool. As soon as I was done, I had to bolt to the start line. Thankfully the elites were first so I had time to get situated within the crowd. This race had pacers and my main goal was to stay in front of the 2:10 pacer and to never let him pass me.

I took off and I felt like I was going a bit fast but it was still comfortable. My first mile was an 8:15 but soon I settled into my groove. I am so stinking proud of myself because from mile 2-11 my splits were all 9:35. That consistency and just how my body felt throughout the run made me so dang happy. I didn’t feel tired, I didn’t feel anxious, I felt COMFORTABLE and that’s what I was aiming for. There was a moment where I began to start with negative thoughts but I made myself snap out of it. I thought of my friends, of my past races, of everything I had done this year. Basically any positive thing I could think of.

It was amazing but I was actually having FUN on this race. It was a strange feeling to be smiling with the wind in my hair and sun at my face at mile 9 and not be dying. So many people got a kick out of my Wonder Woman skirt and little kids along the course made me smile. I began to feel tightness in my left glute and lower back due to tweaking my back a bit earlier in the week. I didn’t let it phase me. I slowed it down to a 10 minute mile for the last couple miles. I texted Jordan about it and he was going to come meet me on the course. I texted him back and told him that I’m freaking Wonder Woman and I don’t quit! He knew from that text that I was in good spirits and he wouldn’t need to help me finish.

The dang finish line was uphill however I was so happy to see it and see my time! I stayed in front of the 2:10 pacer for the whole race and beat my personal record! I finish my half-marathon in 2:06 and even though it wasn’t my goal, I was so happy with how my race felt. Yes I was tired at the end but I wasn’t hurt and I thoroughly enjoyed myself through it all!

The Weekend With The Race

After the race, we stopped at Panera for brunch and I had some warm tomato soup. I had fun but my legs and face were definitely frozen. I wore glove at the beginning of the race but stripped them off halfway through. My ears need to be covered when I run in cooler weather since they’re the first to freeze!

The Weekend With The Race

I also wanted to try Starbucks’ Halloween Drink but they were out at the one by my house. We stopped by Dunkin Donuts and I had the most delicious Pumpkin Macchiato. However, it may have just been great because it was warm, haha! It took a warm bath and some couch time to finally thaw out.

The Weekend With The Race

The day after the race, I feel great! I was hoping to go to the gym this afternoon but I developed a lovely blister on the ball of my foot which is mostly uncomfortable. Other than that, I have no complaints! It’s amazing how quick my body has recovered from this race. That medal makes all those two-a-days worth it!

I don’t have another race planned but I may pop in and do a local Christmas race depending on how I feel. Mostly, I’m going to take care of my body and focus on strength training in preparation for my next training season, whenever that may be!

The Weekend In Pictures!

Hope you’re having a great Monday already! I just started off my morning with a 5AM spin class so I am pumped up! My weekend was just busy enough to be exciting but with plenty of downtime and relaxing!

Jordan and I went out to dinner on Friday and saw this little guy waiting patiently for his owner. So cute!
I joined a friend for a run Saturday morning. We ran ten miles!
After that long run, I opted for an ice bath with some coffee of course!
That afternoon, Jordan and I attended a taco festival with unlimited taco samples.
We couldn’t pass up this photo op!
High Brew Coffee was giving out samples too!
Sunday is my day to meal prep for the week. I made overnight oats for breakfast throughout the week!
My attempt at mini muffins wasn’t as successful.
I also prepared a veggie stew for lunch!
We ended the weekend watching Guardians of the Galaxy!
Up and at them this morning!


I had a blast this weekend! My half marathon is next weekend so I’m taking the latter half of the week to rest.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Why You Should Attend A Fitness Festival!

Have you ever attended a fitness festival or retreat? I know that not many of us would willingly give up a weekend just to exercise but hear me out! I believe that it’s absolutely an experience that everyone should get to try out. Here’s why you should attend a fitness festival!

Why You Should Attend A Fitness Festival

Reason #1: All The Endorphins!

There’s something about “embracing the suck” together. I believe that sweating with a group of people somehow connects you with others. That’s why group fitness classes tend to be so popular. You’re more willing to grit your teeth and push through a workout when you’re part of a crowd. Once you finish your workout, you’re on cloud nine! It’s almost guaranteed that after you leave the event, you’ll be feeling that endorphin rush!

Reason #2: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This was a big one for me. I attended both the Tone It Up Tour and the Wanderlust festival this fall. While I knew a few girls attending the Tone It Up tour, I spent time with so many beautiful souls at Wanderlust. While I normally don’t just go up to someone to begin a conversation, the welcoming environment of both events really helped me step out and try new things. You’re more likely to try out new things when you’re surrounded by so many other like minded people!

Reason #3: Learning About Yourself

Wanderlust was extra special to me because I felt such a connection during the meditation portion. I began to really let go of all the negative self thought and began to accept positive thoughts. Not only that but I began to give myself grace and compassion though the changes going on in my life. Attending a fitness festival may open your eyes to new things about yourself. A change in perspective may bring a new set of awareness.

Hope these reasons encourage you to attend a fitness festival in the future. Go in with an open mind and you may leave feeling like a whole new person!

Have you attended a fitness festival?

The Weekend In Pictures!

This weekend was spent mostly on my own! I used it as a weekend of recovery, plenty of sleep, and delicious foods!

On Saturday I attended the Wanderlust festival in town. The first part was a 5k run!
I arrived a bit early to set up my yoga mat and check in so I stopped and got some body art too!
The event was held near downtown so it was neat to see the sun rise behind all the buildings!
After the run, I changed for yoga and meditation!
I was starved from all the activity that morning so I stopped by for lunch! A friend introduced me to this place and I’m obsessed!
I got a small Poke bowl but it was SOOOOO GOOD!
I went for my Sunday morning walk with Snowflake since Jordan was still out of town and would be returning that evening.
My mom wanted to buy me some groceries and made me get my own cart. So much food!
Meal prep Sunday was successful with these delicious salads for the week!
I watched football while I waited for Jordan to get home. Our Chiefs didn’t do so good this week. 🙁

This weekend was such a blast! Sometimes, I think it’s great to get a weekend to relax and just have some alone time.

How did you spend your weekend?

Quick and Delicious Smoothies!

I am so excited that it’s Friday because while it’s been a good week overall, I’m looking forward to the weekend! With meal prepping, it’s safe to say I have food always ready. However, if I’m just not feeling it one day, I whip up a quick and delicious smoothie! By packing these smoothies with a bunch of goodies, I’m guaranteed to get my daily nutrients.

Quick and Delicious Smoothies

These smoothies can be made any time of day but I tend to have these in the morning. I like to use Unico Nutrition protein but you can use whatever Vanilla protein you like to use! Also, by clicking that link I do receive a small portion of commission. However, I completely stand by these protein products!

Green Protein Smoothie:
  • 1 tsp of spirulina
  • 1 scoop of protein
  • 1 cup of cashew milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop of collagen peptides (optional)

Toss all these ingredients in the blender and enjoy! The reason this is such a good smoothie for a breakfast is the star ingredient: spirulina. It turns your smoothie a pretty green flavor but you can’t really taste it. It keeps you satiated for a good part of your day. I like to add collagen peptides in my smoothies to help my joints after long runs or harder workouts.

Berry Delicious Smoothie:
  • 1 scoop of protein
  • 1 cup of cashew milk
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries or strawberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen cauliflower rice
  • 1 scoop of collagen peptides (optional)

Blend and enjoy! This smoothie is another of my favorites after a hot workout. The blueberries are just the right amount of sweetness after a workout. By adding the cauliflower rice, you get a thicker shake and an extra serving of veggies!

Are you a smoothie person? What is your favorite type to drink?

Health and fitness according to His grace